Tony If I meet a woman and she turns out to be bipolar, then she's gotta go! 070812
;-p go where?
why don't you follow that sheep she's pretty.
:-p excuse me Blair B-Blair Blair, butt i must stop smokin'
it's not good for me, what should i do?
why do pirates capture the girls and share them?
why do do pirates only have fun?
why's it called a pirate video then?
why aren't you a pirate then, if it's fun?
whats wrong with fun?
sameolme I will resist making a bad joke about living at the North Pole half the time. 080604
lynnlynn Why am I like this? I can fight it all day long but it's always a losing battle. People take being emotionally stable for granted. I wouldn't wish feeling like this on my worst enemy. Maybe one day I'll know what it's like to feel normal, if only for a moment. 090126
. . 090126
hsg "seldom is one decision better than the next."
'the big fact' from a book on decision making.
blown cherry I think perhaps I should look into this. Is it normal to be able to go from crying and really wanting to drown myself to being able to wholeheartedly laugh in the space of a few minutes? And then to be able to replicate this behaviour a couple of times a day? 090617
hsg i think rapid_cycling oscillation between extremes is a skill to be harnessed and refined.

practice attention_to_breath. this_will_help

and never mistake mediocrity for a balanced perspective. a warrior is all_over_the_place, s_he just does it with skillful_balance, pure_intent, and enthusiasm. it just takes

peace doesn't come from avoidance but through learning how to progressively meet the situation and all it has to offer. compliment it. it likes that. it'll tell you so.
hsg * i meant, complEment 090617
amy a friend of mine treated hers with lots of vigourous exercise and breathwork. meds might help stabiliize you while you get that going, though. 090617
ungreat because i'm losing the battle again.
because i can't keep myself together any more.
i feel like i'm just spinning and that i've been spinning so much all my skin is coming loose and flying off.
because the feeling of no control is coming over me and sinking it's teeth in deep.
because you looked like a stranger when you came back and you felt like a stranger that night and your voice wasn't yours and that really freaked me out.
because i keep crying for hours.
because half my brain knows i can keep it together and the other half is so completely self destructive that it hurls insults all fucking night.
how am i supposed to be happy when the entire time my insides are telling me i'm a waste os space a total complete and utter failure.
i thought i was doing so well too, i felt really normal and then like acid rain peeled away my skin and now everyone can see i was really godzilla the whole time.
perfectly_chaotic She cried on my shoulder this morning. Said she is sick of never knowing how she is going to feel at any given moment. 141226
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