jennifer I told him his parents didn't love him
and he told me to die.

I remember being in third_grade and kids used to say that to each other on the playground, and someone would start crying and a teacher would have to come and make things okay again. When you are nine, things aren't so permanent.

I wish I was nine, and a trip to detention would make things okay again.
corvus mortis scene:

sitting in the car heading downtown.

they are anxious.
He from not having seen her in several weeks without so much as a word

She from the question he has just asked:
"I missed you. What happened? Where were you all this time?"

She shifts uncomfortably in her seat and looks at him. "I'm not sure i should tell you..."

He brushes at her hair with the backs of his fingertips and places his hand reassuringly on her shoulder
"c'mon, you know you can tell me anything."

she cannot read his eyes behind his sunglasses but notices that he seems calm and collected

"Me and, uh, my boyfriend..." she starts, fumbling for the words before letting it all out in one quick breath, "....hmm,uhh, he got me pregnant even though i was on the pill and then he wouldn't help me pay for the abortion"

"Boyfriend?" he started, stunned, "but wait,I thought..."

"you see," she cut him off without acknowledging his reaction, "i guess i've just been so angry about all this that i haven't wanted to talk to ANYBODY for awhile...but everything's is still cool between you and me."

she spoke the last sentence as a declarative instead of an inquisitive phrase.

if she had looked at his face again, she would have seen the blood seeping from the corner of his mouth where he had just bitten his tongue, and had he not been wearing sunglasses, she would have seen the faint trace of a tears that would never fall, forming in the corner of his eyes
cali j When you didn't say goodbye 010512
owko my legs 010512
Miner Kicking there is a very useful tactic when your lifeís at stake. 010512
kingsuperspecial chocolate_pie 010803
unhinged we traded them like knives but the last one...i think the last one struck a vital organ. i could never imagine myself truly considering you a friend again. i just like the dimples when he smiles. 010804
kerry the way you look at me, maybe? 020101
ClairE Where I want to be. 020101
randomly recent when someone destroys a belief.

Ayy Dude Damn drunkard women always feels my popsicle and it drips! 040120
t "I guess those fat girls always go for you, huh?"

The asshole's biggest ambition in life was to be a janitor at the mall.
qt "there is no such thing as cheating if you're fighting to win." 040120
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