stan Oh I hope this might lead to some enlightenment on this number. It has been persuing me for twelve years...hounding me really. Don't tell me i just noticed the number one day and started paying attention, to it, looking for it, thus imagining that it follows. This theory was proposed by my father; he went to some lengths to dispell my kraziness. When he had finished straightening me out he asked for me to hand him a short piece of two by four board nearby. I picked it up and handed it to him. There, on one end of the board, stamped in purple was the number, 111. That is far from the oddest instance of whatever this might be. I have looked in books, asked anyone I thought might know something about it, butno one knows. 000731
permissible grendel limit 1,1,1-trichlorethane

industrial solvent...
degreases and displaces moisture in fairly short order
becomes quite cold on contact with air

carcinogenic if i recall correctly
(as well as possibly hepatotoxic and/or nephrotoxic)

if the lifetime permissible exposure limit (PEL) as specified on the material safety data sheet (MSDS) is exceeded (and trust me, if you've ever worked around the stuff without neoprene gloves and a respirator, then you probably already have)you will be unable to receive epinephrine in the case of any cardiovascular trauma as it reverses the effect of epinephrine and wil only worsen the condition or event...

i wonder (in case i should ever manage to ruin my arteries suffuciently) if i shouldn't have a tattoo placed directly over my heart that looks like some chemical warning label and advises the use of adrenaline over epinephrine in case of defibrillation or major arrythmia
kaskarkaminski Definitely bad for the liver
and can renal problems too. The
information is appreciated, though
i thought there might be a more
metaphysical explanation.
grendel oops

free association...

(and all apologies too...just flashing back to my days as an RF technician..eeech, what a drag that was too)

maybe 111 is really three...
i'll consult my tarot tomorrow if i have a slow moment at the office

if i tune into anything of note i'll report back

(that or you are being stalked by fairly large prime numbers)
whirligirl maybe i can help?

Your solvents frozen here on the petal rung
is all we have to see
enlarged inside as we enspy
the warming sea.
Your breath diffused and never realized
aside from where the panicked hide
and I
just a subtle lift
provider on the other side

-Hum, and a blathe i've been holding off on for some reason.
kaskarkaminski Grendel...you are a dear and benefactor
to the human farce. I've been through the whole tarrot thing, numerology too,
it made no sense to me but perhaps it will to you. All interpretations of my dilemma are welcomed and warmly appreciated.. i've always thought if i heard the answer, i would know it was the right one. (but waiting for the right one is not always advisable)
Jeremy i+j+k 001026
kipper Isn't it just the trinity, the One and the One and the One, Father, Son, Ghost.
Together they make One.

very unlucky.

like a hat on a bed.
ethereal 11:11 stalks me. 040318
pete I remember that number. From talks over a year ago. 11:11 is a magical time. I missed it for the longest time, with it standing in the part of my memory which isn't remembered. I doubt right now, 11:42, can be called unmagical, though perhaps not as magical. 040318
guardian devil 555 short of reaching 666 040319
111 November 1, 2004... 041031
1 Nov 2004 * Live_movies *

American, Nepali, 2 Arabs Kidnapped in Baghdad
Reuters - 46 minutes ago
Yahoo! Search The_palestinian_revenge

The bomber struck on the eve of the U.S. election, where a neck-and-neck race between President Bush and Democratic challenger Sen. John_Kerry, and Washington's preoccupation with Iraq, have left a diplomatic vacuum in the long Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
a "point" On_the_eve_of_the_United_States_presidential_elect... 041101
f911 Library Cancels Free Public Showing Of 'Fahrenheit 9/11' KGTV TheSanDiegoChannel.com - Nov 01 4:33 PM
'Fahrenheit 9/11' Gets Election-Eve Pay-TV Airing Reuters - Nov 01 3:20 PM
'Fahrenheit 9/11' fuels anti-Bush flames on eve of US vote AFP -
Nov 01 2:54
111 = 555 - 444 050630
CIA Imperial_hubris_by_an_anonymous_cia 050630
... "Osama's_historic_mission_111"

e_o_i "111" is not a prime number, it's a multiple of three. 3x37=111. You can tell if a number is a multiple of three by adding up the digits. 050731
daf There are answers out there stan. If you look hard enough, and keep an open mind you will learn the meaning of "The Awakener." 050731
three words 111 july journal_found_c_1029 100110
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