16 ~ The Tower So, things were not as they seemed!
The dispellation of these illusions,
the walls crumbling around you,
your city, sacked by marauders,
raided, plundered, sacked.
And who was it that summoned them?
Your finger points... to yourself!
. who are you? 070106
the awful truth helll yes

BLAM awaken to the mind!
awaken to the clocks, man, awaken to the times
open up your eyes, and try to realize,
the sadness in the sighs, the hunger in their eyes.

BANG the truth'll help you breathe
everything you've known, and everything you've seen?
all the dreams of rocking out or starring on that silver screen
all the dreams of fortune and a life within the bubble
they're all concentric circles
like the ripples in the puddle

LOST in the labyrinth
every dead end telling you the One Way to Live
every wall's twelve feet,
every hall's empty,
you're walking and you're hoping
for just another Soul to Squeeze

TRUTH: We can't make it alone.
Man was not created to be always In the Zone.
and i dont wanna struggle just to have a happy home
if being in that home means going it alone.

I dont wanna break for lunch in a cafeteria
Watching window washers the picture comes clearer
I'd give anything to just trade places
and sit outside and look at the glass faces
But they'd give anything to make some cash
And not spend all day scrubbing dirty glass

you got the peace of mind
you got the ease of time to put the past behind
feeling good
and all it took is exactly what you always thought it would:
you did exactly what you always knew you should
what they told you was impossible but you knew you could

I don't wanna go alone.
I love my friends and family a lot more than i love my home. I don't need these clothes man, as you rip them from your chest,
I just wanna be alive tonight
That would be the best
I just wanna be with you, brother,
and sing another song

But that's the One Way to Live.
and I know I ain't wrong.
Soma I know it was me
All my fault
looking back i dont know why the hell i did it
i was only ever hurting myself
of course ive always liked a bit of pain
in a twisted way
i think this is what i deserve
this is what i get
this is what i am worth
worthless failure of a person
i'll curl up in to corners
so dark you won't even see
and maybe you'll forget
and i'll pass out of your life
like the unpleasant memory i am
and you won't have to be ashamed
of ever knowing me
or giving birth to me
slipping away so quietly
i've only ever sabotaged myself
unhinged standing_sabotage 090812
what's it to you?
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