"Neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit..."

"There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it, simply because it is pain..."
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true fact i can't seat, i gots a porcupine up my ass. 050524
andru235 blather seems to serve as both an outlet for our pains and a celebration of our joys...especially those not indulged by persons in our social spheres. 050524
andru235 [amongst many other things, of course] 050524
porcupine true that but is that what's really wrong? 050525
Lemon_Soda whats_really_wrong is the question. 050525
andru235 whats_really_wrong, apparently, is that i have just become the first person to blathe about something unrelated to the title. yes, the very first. no one - not once! - has ever blathed about something other than the title subject, until now. and though you may find thousands and thousands of posts about things unrelated to the title which are dated prior to my post, it is sheer hackery. please: if you dislike off-topic blathing, heap all the blame on me! it is entirely my fault! and that is whats_really_wrong! 050525
LS *grin* 050526
no reason this question doesn't get asked often enough. 050526
no reason i wonder, if someone honestly and sincerely asked me this, if i'd just spill myself. 050917
rage her arm like a cobweb slips from under the dark oversized clothing, its pale delicacy ending in whisps of finger tip, which clutch at that pencil so tight her skin looks blue next to the mechanical contured protrusions of her knuckles. Her empty eyes sag under the weight of heavy, dark bags, but remain focused militantly on the whiteboard, the line of her jaw makes a grey shadow set in place through her sallow skin like an empty balloon. i summon my strength and envelope her cold, trembling hand in mine, feeling her pain just below the surface like the skeleton of a tiny fish. for a moment i feel her leak into me and her eyes relax like a dam about to break. but it passes, she blinks a shocked look at me, smiles nervously and takes her hand back, trying not to look too self concious as she shifts herself into a more normal, relaxed position, not yet prepared to let any more show than that breif moment of weakness. i go back to my world as she fades and wonder how she can not know that i love her. 050917
megan what's really wrong is the fact that we can't hold each other
and you can't kiss me on the cheek
and i can't whisper in your ear all those things i wish i could

what's really wrong is i can't just walk down to the creek with you and kiss for all the time in the world
and we can't go to our special spot
and what's extremely wrong is we have to grow up

promise me one thing
that it will always be simple
that it will always be that if you love and and if i love you we shall be strong
no matter our geography
no matter what anyone says

you are my love
and nothing is going to change that

what's really wrong is we're both crying and we can't wipe away our tears
what's it to you?
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