x -believing that my brother will get better
-believing that someone will want to be with me until i die
-getting paid for sex
-thinking about killing myself
-seeking physical abuse
-late night drives to the ocean to clear my mind
-pressing the snooze button more than once
ethereal being listened to.
understanding those who refuse to hear what is so blatantly loud and meant to be heard.
Hello!!! I'm here!!
...still nothing.
no reply.
instant condemnation.
girl_jane Going a day without feeling every single emotion a person can feel...good and bad.

Why can't I be stable for just one day?
white_wave because being stable would be boring... 040223
birdmad heroin
heavy drinking
trying to live up to whatever the hell it was my parents expected of me while they were here
being overly trusting
various crimes and misdemeanors
three quarters of my favourite junk foods
bar fights
any number of cheap thrills
believing...("toujours et un jour," chere?... je le crois toujours si vous me croyez toujours quand je le dis)
jimmy there are somethings you can't give up on without giving up on so much more 040224
sameolme how do you give up on illusions without
giving up on life?
Death of a Rose narcotics,
my trust,
my heart,
my blather wife shipping me a card,
misstree answering my question,
misstree answering her e-mail,
blatherers to not be so damn lazy (myself included),
promises made,
promises taken.
minnesota_chris doing stupid things just because everybody thinks I should.
dairy products
bacon and sausage
looking for a girlfriend, pretty much, especially one who is at all similar to me
asking mom for advice, or pretty much any deep conversation at all with her.
salsa dancing, pretty much all dancing
making chocolate candies (for now)
doing what I'm told
lots of friends who have grown up and have kids and mortgages now
whitechocolatewalrus thinking people truly care about me
my parents will stop fighting
my parents will care about what i think
friends calling me
getting more sleep
x i lied about the snooze button 040309
once again -Love like I think it should be
-Life like I used to believe it was
-You like I want you to be
-Me like I'm not
mon the things i have given up on 040309
smurfus rex -counseling psych
-changing the system
-catching the Tiger
jane i wish i could say giving up 040309
kaibutsu believing.

yes, in anything.

now bug off before i'm forced to sic my pet ferret on you.
dramatica getting paid for sex? that's bizarre. worrying too much
true love
being a millionaire
Death of a Rose myself, it seems 040330
birdmad feeling relevant 040330
x oh shush
aren't your multitudes of admirers on blather enough?
no, because you don't like yourself.
birdmad that part takes the edge off of it, but all things considered, it's not what i meant 040330
what's it to you?
who go