pipedream let the beasties begin!
blah-ze what exactly happens... here... at this club? 030929
pipedream umm...lots of wenches get bestial and do lots of man-bashing :D 030929
misstree no.
fuck that.
wenches need not bash men to be complete in their own right.
no wench would derive her power from the belittlement of others.
misstree *comes stomping back to rant some more*

and, my darlings, women are not defined by their relationship to men (bashing being a way of attempting to put women above such, rather than just acknowledging equal but occasionally different.)

plus, you man-bash, you bash my friends, my family, my lovers, and i *assure* you, i *will* take offense.
blah-ze i'll be back. later. *runs away* 030930
once again This is where you come to state (proudly) that you are a woman (wench, girl, female, babe, bitch, ect.) And that you will not bow to how people percieve you. You will not allow the "patriarchal" society to dictate how you look, act, or dress. You will reliaze that you are great and you will glory in it. You will cause men to grovel before your beauty, make them stare with longing... for you are your own person.

that better?
misstree that's acceptable. 030930
pipedream yesh, i agree, shall we convene our first meeting then? (aww nuts i DID want to bash a few men...starting with that jerk who's completely addled my best friend's head :P) 030930
poop poop 031122
oldephebe I'd once percieved addled as being a normative state..that is until i got my ritalin. I'm kidding!

Someone, sardonically:"NOOooo!"

Someone else:oldephebe don't you think the adverbial modifier was uneccessary given that the implied meaning of colloqial conventions would adhere, being subsequetly suggested by "NOOooo!"

oldephebe:I have a handful of crushed glass in my left front pants pocket. With your consent, I would like to drizzle them into the mottled and rotted tissue of your esophageal canal.

Someone: You know what? Since you phrased it like that, and politely gave me an oppurtunity to refuse your proposition. Go right ahead. Unprovoked initiatory force is so not right. So inelegant. (opens wide for crushed glass)

Another person: Yeah but even though both parties are in agreement does the act in and off itself constitute some kind of legal as well as societal abrogation, or offense?


Another Person: Anyone?

Death of a Rose i'll be the treasurer. (get it...get it...) 031122
oldephebe Elizabeth Cady Stanton - wenchbeast

Susan B Anthony - Wenchbeast

The Declaration of Sentiments..a clarion call to all aspiring wenchbeasts to inaugerate a new epoch of womens power - produced at Seneca Falls in upstate New york State one hundred and fifty five years ago it was the womens movement own unique Declaration of Emancipation

Harriet Stanton Blanch - wenchbeast

Victoria Woodhall - wenchbeast

Christine Stansell - Professorial wenchbeast - i think she still teaches at Princeton University

Mary Wollstonecraft - wenchbeast (published in 1792 her seminal work Vindication of the Rights of Women. She died in childbirth giving life tho Mary Shelly (the writer)

Fanny Wright - wenchbeast She raised her, dedicated her life to what was then a radical idea..labor rights. She also was one of the earliest proponents of contraseption

Sarah Grimke - wenchbeast
pipedream Simone de Beauvoir, intellectual wenchbeast. 031123
speculum guy loves women but has a gas thing going Braacch! deeply satisfying belch *sigh* 031203
pipedream :O! a page i started on the MAIN PAGE!

iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl hell yeah
count me in!

rampaging wenchbeasts woot woot!
bring it on!

(a new version of the cheerleader song from bring it on):-

i rampage, dispute
i'll kick you with my boot!

*is dragged off by the angry anorexic cheerleaders*

take me to your leader
i'll bitchslap the motherfucker!
LegionB4U *licks claws*


A club for those of us who believe in themselves? We like this idea...

...that is as simple as we can say it...

...a rampaging wenchbeast has one thing in common with any other one...

...they trust themselves...

*yawns and lays back down*
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