innocent insect Backside melts into a sofa
My world, my TV, and my food
Besides listening to my belly gurgle
Ain't much else to do
Yeah, I sweat a lot
Pants fall down every time I bend over
And my feet itch
Yeah-I married a scarecrow
I hate you
Talking to myself
Everibody's starin' at me
I'm only bleedin'
Someone taps me on the shoulder every 5 minutes
Nobody speaks English anymore
Would anybody tell me I was gettin' stupider?
I hate you
Talking to myself
You don't feel it after awhile
You take the beating
I'm a swingin' guy
Throw a belt over the shower curtain rod
And swing - - -
Toss me inside a Hefty
And put me in the ground
A drink needs me
I don't
I ain't about to guzzle no tears
so kiss my ass
newscasters, coakroaches, and desserts
I hate you
Talkin' to myself
Everybody's starin' at me
I'm only bleedin'
Where are the kids?
Maybepregnantorondrugsoronwelfareontopoftheworlddont- thehonorrollonparoleonthedodgersonthebackofmilkcartons- onstakesinthemiddleofcornfieldsoncoversoffuturehistory-
I think it's time I had a talk with my kids
I'll just tell 'em what my daddy told me

-Faith No More

( Angel Dust [Slash Records, 1992] )
oren My sister and her husband sold their home, their cars, and 99% of their belongings. They bought a new truck and an RV, took off, and have been living on_the road ever since.

It took them about a year to prepare for this lifestyle_change, and so_far they've been doing well.

They have a website with a daily_journal so others can keep_up with their adventures.


One of_the things they decided they'd do was to find a_way to_do community service in every town they stopped. This has really added to their experience.
flowerock manifesting a fully functionalight weight rv trailer to pull withe car we already have that will continue to function properly while pulling the rv trailer and commuting when necesary. It will be cute and clean free of mold, leaks, bad smells... it will have all its windows intact and the brake lights will work and be easy to attach to the car. It will be awesome and it will be our bubble home. Goa will love it and she will be safe and happy and will not pee or poop inside! she will bark only softly o alert us and be quiet otherwise. we will be happy and comfortable inside and park with ease in a safe, clean, convenient area. dumping and filling tanks will be no challenge and the wheels and tires will all be perfect! 140730
flowerock just found and made down payment on one! now to manifest that our current vehicle and the hitches we have available are perfectly capable of pulling it to where it needs to go and as needed! and that once parked in a decent spot it is safe, secure, accepted, and commuting will be fun and low on stress. yay! It s a good sign that it was parked infront a big black berry bush full of juicy berries! 140731
flowerock ourv will be safe and secure and comfortable and allowed to be parked where it is parked and Goa will poop and pee outside, because I(we) will walk her every morning and then as frequently as possible.
apparently this is my ourv manifestation blathe ; )
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