typhoid loaded on technology
bloated on levity
what we lack in brevity
we compensate in apology
miniver There are so many fractions of fractions of consciousness to be made divisible into layer upon layer of converging, convulsing, intertwining, any-possibility-of-contentment-undermining mental analysis. If there aren't at least three degrees of hidden meaning to Every Thing, then there are at least three degrees of hidden meaning to that suspicious lack of at least three degrees of hidden meaning.

Usually, I may let people know of the first couple layers. The good stuff I keep inside, to fester into a gooish ball of what, inevitably, serves some surely cosmic need for self-destructive egotism...especially the not-telling-you part. Deliciously destructive, I a second layer sort of way. Ahaha. (You see? -You-, I mean.) The destructivism of actually telling you might make the third layer.

The same rules apply to this very post, of course. Did you know, for instance...

Only the tiniest margin of the intent of this blathe is attributable to my desire to tell you of the divisibility and subsequent infinite analytical possibilities of human consciousness. And the rest is...silenced.

This is an easy one, though. Only a few infinities. It's rather like one of those silly pseudo-humourous pseudo-tests that everyone (to reach any ultimate validation of life, surely) must have seen at some point during his/her education -- if you (you) read through the so many paragraphs of instructions (as instructed), you (you) only end up signing your name, or drawing a triangle in the bottom right hand corner.

There may be a degree in me that wants you to win.
Aaron voices. talking.. making no sence.. not right.. not normal, not healthy.. seeing things that arn't there, feeling somethig touching my skin.. very nice.. or more likely pain.. like a needle... a sting.. and my body feels pain.. my legs and arms.. even sometimes on my dick.. voices that arn't there.. evil sometimes.. and always annoying and non stop... as soon as i wake .. till i go to sleep.. when i shower i might as well be in hell.. they talk and never stop..and there is no distraction.. no loud music.. i can't hear.. it's in my bedroom.. and the sound of the water hitting the bathtub does something to my mind.. same as the heater comming on.. or the water pump... the voices always get worse.. makes me worse.. hearing something that isn't there.. i scream out aloud.. and it doesn't help.. you know how people sing in the shower.. if i don't i hear voices... .. it's that bad.. and i see stuff.. and i feel pain for no reason.. i can't ge a job.. at least not one i have to tell them about any medical conditions... and i live of the state.. like some sort of mooch, or a vilage iddiot... but it's not all my fault.. and i wait on the state to agree with my doctors.. that i have a problem.. a medical condition... and that i can't live without at least help.. medical assistance, money, food stamps... and i still hear voices.. even now.. and i have to take a shower soon.. 011115
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