Barrett My dear friend Orion has returned once again to console me. Console me through the dead nights, and the always less than warming holiday facade. Yes, my friend, as so many years past. I find myself alone and in need of your constance. Thank you for being there for me Orion. 001122
orion hey pal- no sweat! 001122
orion the snakeyes star whaz up? 001123
deb my poor little baby...
she cost me $200 yesterday~
my kitten is sick
and she won't eat
and she is mad at me for giving her
eyedrops and the "wrong" food
and and and

feel better little girl...
sad girl you were always there.
you were there when we met.
you were there when we first kissed.
you were there while we held eachother and looked up at you and watched shooting stars.
and now we look up at you again even though we are now apart
and you are still there.

(at the time it seemed like you were there just for us.)
freakizh your belt proves me that math exists in the space

such a coincidence you are
lycanthrope your belt proves to me that we long to see something in nothing, that we long for god in a mathematical proof. What are you hunting? only we can tell you...and yet we do not know and turn to you? It is elusive, for you have never caught it, you remain in space, brightly taut, your arm ever poised, and if you were to release your bow, the entire universe would crumple,
would fall with quickening breaths and spill pale blood,
while the smooth veneer we seek to skate across in our citizen dreams
and romance's stately strolls
moves itself, and proves all our assumptions false.
Then we would see that what you are hunting for is our final answer.

The night is still, and i adopt your pose, i feel the weight of responsibility you own so well,
i feel the tautness, the terror should i let go, the irreversible passing me by, moving all around me, and daring me to move myself, in a way that destroys so much, creates so much,
in a way that is like the invention
of the word hunter.

Everynight, another like me comes
under you, is distant while friends think they are close.
Gazes at you deeply, and understands. Understands they must never, are unable to share what they know, just as you are unable to release your bow.
freakizh hey you wolfie boy!
blown cherry The Hunter.
Still beautiful before my eyes,
but no longer my favourite.
Now my eyes search for The Hunted.
Scorpio, at the far end of the sky.

Never to be caught,
always half a universe ahead of the hunter.
lycanthrope i'm a scorpio...and uh to others...stop revealing my like...secret identity 020522
unhinged i miss you in the night sky
my only lover boy
i will wait til my breath is frost
what's it to you?
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