puredream One month ago, possibly today
My mother said father began to sway
She spoke to him the words of forever
How they'd faded, and she began to tremor

"I cannot go on, within this shaken land,
can no longer step with you hand in hand."
She explained that their forever had ended
That their marriage could no longer be mended

He begged and pleaded, bent down on one knee
"Just one more chance, please hear my plea."
So she conceded to the poor looks on this mans face
She would stay only if the alocohol would leave without a trace

So nights followed days
And he had appeared to have lost his ways
When he was caught with beer in hand
And mother began the very long reprimand

One last plea, one last beg
And another bend down to one leg
"I mean it Ron!" my mother did scream
"Cut off the alochol, end the stream."

So clouds became stars
And the drinking became far
Until this here very night
When dearest myself saw quite the sight

My weak little father drinking away
More than he even knows, he will pay
I cannot look this man in the eye
Perhaps it is because I won't even try

I've grown older each day
With an alocoholic father, at least I say
With each setting sun, repect I lose
For a pathetic father, I certainly did not choose

Fuck you Dad.
Look at all you had
This time will be the last
Your once life, is all in the past

So when the dark becomes light
And you and mom have had your last fight
I'll walk up to you and say
The last is finally over, it ends today

You see Dad, this life is funny
No, it's not all sugar and honey
Choices mark our paths each and every day
What we decide leads our very way

You made the wrong choice
And so you've lost your voice
In my mind you're lost
For your drinking, my respect, the cost

How could you do this to Mother?
Weren't you thinking of the others?
And little Lauren, what of her?
Their love, I guess you don't deserve

Don't care about me
I'm alright as you can see
I said my "Fuck you's" a long time ago
For lies are the only seeds you sow

Guess we've all had enough
It's going to be tough
Have a nice life
Bet you it's full of strife

I hate you Dad
Look at all that you had...
Tonight all in our family die
Tonight we all say goodbye...
what's it to you?
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