psyki my memory is jumping notoriously through spacetime. i think my ears might be spewing large quantities of blood onto the faces of curious onlookers. to be continued. 000205
valis is it later yet?
if so, i have to take out the garbage now ...

oh, wait, then. it must still be now.
just let me know when later comes, i'm a little busy blathering.
miniver Wanna come over?

I have to figure out how to get onto the roof of my apartment building. I need a boy, though, I think.
kaskarkaminski alligators,
not much though
after a shower
ill have more power
to deal:

with what's real
with losses
with black glosses
and cranky bosses

and powers POWERS
We sadly can't feel
indistractible instead of goodbye i say later. this shits me, but i can't stop doing it. 010321
yummychuckle i told him I'd see him later
really with no such plans
it was his funural i was to cater
the last time I'd hold his hands.

guess I'm guilty for the lie
i never intended to go
guess i didn't think he'd die
its too bad i sunk so low

he was sick in the hospital
i thought he'd live through it
it was our last phone call
not even long enough to sit

guess i should've said goodbye
i was not knowing he would leave
wasn't there to hear his final sigh
goodbye my zachary reeve.
abraham lincoln Later I will say nothing,...the time is now to speak...later will be too late, must act now. 010731
syncratick procrastination is my friend. 020217
nomatter Later she'll give up. Right now she like's not caring. 030920
tr "when will you get a life?"
"and when is later?"
"when I get a life"
-easy, huh?
the delinquent formerly known as R.A.I.N. as long as it's forever.

it's as good as never.

after all...

Why wait?
Procrastinate now!
falling_alone whenever i am not interested i make sure to say i'll do it later, that way i can get out of it without having to do it at all and i'll say 75% of the time the other forgets.
now though, when ever someone tells me they'll get to it later i can't trust them, because if they really were interested in what i had to show them they'd do it now.
foreveraloneforever53234214123134 Am I crazy or are you an asshole?

By me

I can't tell if you are an asshole or I am insane. I know how I feel and what's on my brain, but you say it's nothing and for me to refrain.

I bubble over because I feel so strongly and you sit calmly saying good-bye to me.

Don't pretend like this isn't what you've wanted, making me feel inferior because you were too chicken shit to flaunt it.

I want to believe it's you, but what if it's me? I guess I have a tendancy to be over-the-top needy. But, this relationship isn't fleeting. I love you, we have been close since our first meeting.

When did this paradigm shift? Weren't you the one reacting in rage last time I started to drift? When I put my arm around a man while I was in your midst?

You need to focus now, and I am a distraction. Sorry if my love for you is too much of an infraction. A year ago you would have been knee-deep, eager for some mutual attraction.

And what about my life? My books and my strife?

Are they inferior to yours?

No, but somehow I'll be the only one thinking about this tous les jours.
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