The Truth Hey, this stuff isn't like my usual, original blathering , I am plagerizing these I got in an email from my credit those who deserve it. However, like most of my blatherings, much of it's not for the spiritually handicapped.
(There are some pearls of wisdom, but be warned about the rotten peanuts too. Oh don't worry, I pre-sorted it for you!)

These are the Pearls:
Feed your faith and your doubts will starve to death...

God wants spiritual fruit, not religious nuts...

Sorrow looks back, worry looks around, and faith looks up...

Some marriages are made in heaven, but they ALL have to be maintained on earth...

Words are windows to the heart.

A successful marriage isn't finding the right person - it's being the right person.

To forgive is to set the prisoner free, and then discover the prisoner was you.

You'll notice that a turtle only makes progress when it sticks out its neck...

Unless you can create the WHOLE universe in 5 days, Then perhaps giving "advice" to God, isn't such a good idea!

(uh...just a note here....ya see, it took God SIX (6) days to make the universe...ok..just checkin')

"ehhhnh" Category
(As in the sound that bugs bunny would make prior to saying, "What's up, Doc?")

Some folks wear their halos much too tight...

You have to wonder about humans, they think God is dead and Elvis is alive!

Too many people offer God prayers, with claw marks all over them.

And here are the rotten peanuts.
Standing in the middle of the road is dangerous. You will get knocked down by the traffic from both ways.

A skeptic is a person who when he sees the handwriting on the wall claims it's a forgery.

It isn't difficult to make a mountain out of a molehill - just add a little dirt.

The mighty oak tree was once a little nut that held its ground.

The tongue must be heavy indeed, because so few people can hold it.

It's all right to sit on your pity pot every now and again. Just be sure to flush when you are done.

If the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, you can bet the water bill is higher.
And last but not least-

God gave the angels Wings, but He gave humans CHOCOLATE.
nocturnal dude, we got Wings, too. you never saw that show? it came on USAM for a while. 010611
the one You cant experience true joy until you experience true pain. 011004
User24 but surely the reverse is also true; one cannot experience one extreme without having first experienced the other? a nice little paradox. 030713
Dafremen If you've read claptrap you've experienced true pain. End of paradox. 030713
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