me? clever kneels before me
mouth open wide and receptive.

this_isn't domination
this_is submission, to her need, her desire.

thoughts race forward.
bubbles burst.
now it's your_turn.
valis cleverness and a bad heart are the chief ingredients for good lies. 991223
jennifer didn't even bother is a decent song, but I remember when they weren't in St. Louis....

or rather... I can remember when they were going to go to St. Louis, but they never went
moonshine Thats aas confidential as chucky cheese on area 51. You think your gouda, but your not, i know.meowmeow yip.I m a slave to the theater of masochists, and i keep having dreams of kissing girls named desiree. How indecently morbid can i get?Burger king has bad vibes man...I once saw the hunchback of notre dame and someone who was already dead, but they kept forcing there body to be animated. can i quote you on that? 000607
lotusflower we can never be too clever.
i wish i were more so.
silentbob See, i have this theory that everyone--

YES, yes, i got it. Quite clever.

Thank you.

...Hows that working out for you.


Being Clever...

OK, i guess.....
miniver Happy people smell weird. 001107
ClairE I wonder what I smell like then.

...kissing to be...

WTF was I about to write? Hmm...crap.

Oh, yeah, "Clever ClairE", that's me. I'll have to tell Sti.

::hot rhyming_skills alert!::
Angelwings Cleverness is the bane of the elite; we hate a threat to our aloof security, or anything resembling a match for our citadel of ego. 020330
continuous ache 'how's that workin out for ya?'


'being clever'
sionnech you say kenning i say cunning
let's call the whole thing off...
sionnech you say kenning i say cunning
let's call the whole thing off
sionnech (fox growls) stupid glitches! 020614
Ambience I think that Im so damned clever,
because tonight,
Im not even going to call!
I'll show you!
It's just too bad...
that you probably wont even notice

...that I didn't.
constance Isn't it clever that Sam decides to write on my message board, "you are tried"

I think he meant "you are tired."

It's not a good insult if you spell it wrong
Harlequin We're all so clever, in our own small worlds and our own small minds.

All of us so funny and quick-witted.

Each with a mixture of irony and disgust.

How pointless.
novocainstain smirk, the clever smile
twinkle in the eyes
its a horrible fate
for those who think they are so clever
with a strong jaw line and
pointed eyebrows.
i could throw them
to chasm
but we all try to be that
rogue Our clever lies and hidden truths keep us safe from the rest of the world. I'm coming out, and I'm telling everyone. So now what have we to hide behind. nothing. and our pink bare flesh is visible. but we need to build our calluses strong, because the verbal slings are about to crack our skin and make us bleed. I dont care. I will bear it all for you. 081125
rhin most clever blathe ever. 090519
() (i almost always use clever as a pejorative) 090519
what's it to you?
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