endless desire there are many things in this world
i am ashamed of being
and don't openly admit to being either
(some more than others. . .but all of them i share with reluctance)
*15. my age kills me. it also kills me to know that if i was older, the world would actually take me seriously.
*bulimic. yeah whatever. hate the word and the reality of it all. and very few people know and i intend on keeping it that way.
*A hypocrite. i want to believe/follow my religion but my faith fails me and my determination wavers. i live two lives. and i am ashamed.

which brings me to a more comical thing that i am ashamed of being. it does not always seem to fit my life or who i want to be but i enjoy it nonetheless.
i am a cheerleader.
i laugh at the words.
never to blather did i think i'd admit
that i associate with the stereotypical
airheaded beauties in skirts.
when really, they aren't as bad as the stereotype at all.
and if people would look beyond that
they'd most likely meet a bunch of amazing people.
most of which are intelligent.
(key word being most)
and it's just strange
that i enjoy what i do.
and i enjoy the work i put in.
i just can't stand the stereotype.
because i am not stupid. at all.
and i hate that someone would assume i was.
i am not snobby and i can admit that.
and i hope to god i am not shallow either.
and anyways.
that is all i have to say about that.
and i figured blather wouldn't judge me
because blather should be the place where people turn
when they are sick of being judged
and categorized.
placed into boxes and filed.
haha so those are things in life i am ashamed of.
that and often my own innocence.
and even more so when my lack of innocence surprises those who know me.
god i ramble too much.
no reason how come you laugh at the words if you can see beyond the stereotype? 030608
endless desire because it honestly never felt like anything i would say
espcially on blather.
Flowers from Safeway There's nothing wrong with seeing people for who they are rather than how others see them.
I think most people are pretty much the same at heart. Different interests and personalities maybe, but people have the same fears, neurosies, and moments of self-doubt.
And I think most people who blather here know this, so don't be afraid of what any of us think of you. None of us are perfect. But that's what makes blather great.

We are all the same.
We are all different.
We are all beautiful.
endless desire no reason- ive kind of have been thinking about what you said. . .why i laugh at the words when i see beyond the stereotype. maybe that just fits into the things i am ashamed of. . .being a hypocrite.

i don't know. i guess it is comforting to know that most of the people here aren't judgmental. safeway has great things to say (eww that rhymes.) we are all the same, different, and beautiful. wow
endless desire gasp! haha i got pictures today that would make you want to hurl. i thought about posting them, but realized i still have my pride. :) 031129
re_alisma as expected for any cheerleader trying to compose her thoughts, i had been fairly vapid. hey, you got spirit? let's hear it! 101016
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