jennifer Brak: Zorak, I know what love is. Love is... never um... saying stuff.... Not having to... love
is never... saying... I have a thing. Love... no. Love is never having to say "I love it!"
Zorak: Exactly how many marbles are you missing?!?
Brak: Wouldn't you like to know, Little Miss Fanny Fisher!
jennifer Food is good because A) You can make smacking noises with it. B) It has no political affili-- affilee-- affiliatricaloids. C)It fills up your belly spaces. D) IT TASTES GOOD BUDDY MANDINGO!

Many people ask me about the history of food. They say, "Brak, where did this food come from." And I always tell 'em. "From its mommma." Food has been eaten by man and creatures for many years. Some say over five. So that's the history of food.
jennifer And here are some recipes for fancy Your-A-Peein dishes:

Pick up the phone with your right hand
Dial Lo Lo Seeka's Fancy European Food Items Until $10
Order Food
"I want the combo #4 and the Wolfgang Pucket Bucket of Wings,
Mon Cherie!"
Speak clearly and slowy
Take money from Space Ghost's extra stockings
Pay man all the money you have

Here's another one:

Make friends with a nice person who can cook
Buy them a fancy cookbook
Invite them to a shiny supermarket
Go home with them and say you're hungry
Eat the food that they make
Wait to belch loudly on the way home
Repeat daily until hunger subsides
jennifer Brak's Other Special Moment With a Fan

Here's another something that happened to me one time:

I was at the place where you can look at the otters. The otters, Tino and Gisuppe, are
rude sometimes because they just burp and burp and never cover their mouths. Anyway,
I was standing there throwing some leftover casseroles to Tino and Gisuppe when this
guy says, "Hey, there's a space alien!" And I said, "Where?!" Cuz I never seen a space
alien before. And the guy is running back and forth like he has to go potty and he's
pointing and saying, "Get it on tape!!! It's an alien!!!" And I was yelling, "I WANT TO
SEE THE ALIEN TOO!!!" And the people were swarming around ME and pointing. IT
WAS ME THEY THOUGHT WAS THE SPACE ALIEN!! And then this girl, Kim, says,
"That's just Brak. Leave him alone. He's not a space alien. He's on t.v. and makes
records and has a home page." And then everybody left me alone. Kim is my friend. She
can talk like Moltar when she burps. We went to Zestos and ate grease balls.
birdmad Brak: [sings] "so you better be good , with all yer might, 'cuz Santy Clawz is comin' tonight"

Zorak: [interrupts, sounding puzzled] "uhhh, excuse me, but what does Santa Claus have to do with anything?"

Brak: [emphatically] "I LIKE SANTY CLAWZ!!!"
startfires "a vote for brak is a vote for me everyday!"

"Brak's my name and that's what it is!"
startfires we'll take brak to washington. 001107
Quiggz is Almighty. Worship him. Unless you find that an affront to your religion, in which case, simply watch his show all the time 010111
i love waffles it's a poo poo POO platter.... 020111
oren Brak's line in The Twelve Days of Christmas:

"My name is Braaaaaaaaak!"
el brakichi I love beans woo woo woo,
I love beans how about you,
High in fiber low in fat,
Hey I bet you didn't know that!
Kristopher "I love beans, hey hey hey!
I love beans everyday!
Beans are a natural source of fiber
I. .. love. . beans! Dinky-doo!"
Kristopher "I'm gonna find me some foxy ladies to call me Big Poppa, cause I like when they call me that!"

"Oh, you go on, Brak. You go get you some!"

-- Brak and his Mom
he want to unleash his love
like a piano falling from the sky

brak is john lennon's creation
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