Thyartshallshant Do it, everybody else is. 001226
!@#$%^&*() !@#$%^&*() 011104
nah....! yum. 011122

I am trying to spread the word.
nah....! don't spread it too far, or it will lose it's sweetness. it's a precious little jewel, and should be kept somewhat secret. 011127
nah....! or maybe i'm just selfish.

SuicidalAngel No I agree, if too many people know, they will ruin it for everyone. Can you imagin a bunch of 13 year old boys typing eieieieieieieieieieieieeiei over and over or constantly seeing penis, condom, boob, fucker, bitch, 69, sex or whatever being the topic of discusion? It's not greedy to keep it semi-secret. 020116
;) daxle that already happened, you know 020116
SuicidalAngel yeah it has, but it's not too bad. There are some people who like to bash on others in here and stuff but for the most part it's straight. There is still a good variety of topics. 020116
googlism blather is predictable indoctrination crap
blather is another one's progress
blather is recipe for pie in the sky
blather is just
blather is a part of life
blather is taking some time off
blather is ireland's online contribution to the world of weird and wacky goings
blather is two things
blather is considered "ready or rapid talk"
blather is updated? sign up by sending an email with blather subscribe in the subject
blather is published online on a pseudo
blather is a creative writing mailing list based at egroups
blather is a mailing list for the creative writer in all of us
blather is an on
blather is words
blather is representative of the new breed of online media
blather is back i was going to write something extremely pithy here
blather is
blather is a very strange but intriguing irish webzine dedicated to 'paranormal agent
blather is a celebration of a web site
blather is all i read on this post miky merlin owens re
blather is so large
blather is proud to present a lengthy and in
blather is aggravating for another reason
blather is an admin for kcgeek
blather is quite similar to oolite limestone
blather is my
blather is aggressive marketing
blather is most unfortunate
blather is perfected speech? plain language
blather is brought to you by the letter "b"
blather is a weekly 500ish word article which follows the basic tenets of fortean thinking by examining strange news stories
blather is afforded corporation
blather is almost beyond belief
blather is enough to send any self
blather is only that
blather is sneaking out from under the university doors and probably off the streets where the druggers trade
blather is far more interesting than most people's studied discourse
blather is dead
blather is still not enough to deter some schlump from legal action
blather is that stuart little 2 might be a much better film that i thought it was because i was
blather is a simple truth
blather is hieratic
blather is the rhetoric of the day in an election year
blather is as
blather is such a trotting krip
blather is worth it
blather is about
blather is that
blather is hardly what one would consider legitimate reporting of news
blather is holland's thorough reporting
blather is not what you could really call "art
blather is not persuasive
blather is quickening
blather is showing a little wear?
blather is a recipe for paralysis
blather is designed to encourage investors to buy the blizzard of new treasuries
blather is mostly phony
blather is the counter
blather is immediately followed by outlandish carnage
blather is rarely fun
blather is another's interesting point
blather is bunk
blather is just too tedious
blather is usually made by someone who's never actually listened to a rap song all the way
blather is just a high diving board
blather is no excuse for not recognizing the real thing when we see it
blather is simply
blather is all about anyway
blather is twofold
blather is simply to say that i think it perfectly credible that
blather is going to be an icon
blather is fueled by comic books
blather is a weekly 500ish word article which follows the basic tenets of fortean thinking by
blather is an
blather is likely to drown out the howler mon
blather is hushed
ferret what does it mean? 030806
RavenousEyes Oh, you know ferret.

We all /know/.
megan blath·er ( P ) (blthr) also bleth·er (blth-)

intr.v. blath·ered, blath·er·ing, blath·ers
To talk nonsensically.
Nonsensical talk.
imposter blather 031108
emjem evolution 031109
bl_a_th_e_r What's it to you? 040325
Maple Tree wonders, what's the use of writing it this way? 060219
hsg re_s_on_a_nc_e 091118
what's it to you?
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