distorted tendencies w&E

were bo|th ev en more

b e a u t i f u l
daxle so much for it 020130
birdmad briquet in the wake of the immolation there was still light shining from beneath my blackened surface

burning from the inside
madness forever and a day 020209
silentbob So much for it 020210
blown cherry Can someone please explain this song to me??

I was told by someone that one reason they had for not wanting to be with me was that they couldn't just be Everclear and say So Much For The Afterglow. I've listened to this song over nad over, but due to my present state of mind I'm missing something fundamental about it because I don't know what the fuck he meant!?
Photophobe Its a song about have sex as opposed to making love 020309
blown cherry why is everything a game with you. Can't you just say what you mean some of the time instead of running around dodging being specific.

I like it some of the time, but when you can see how much hurt it's causing me why do you persist?

I'm gonna give up soon. That should cheer you up. I'm running out of strength to keep up.
Maybe I'll go and find a nice girl to go out for a change.
donaldson nice girls are boring -- with them, the afterglow is much, much dimmer... 020309
lycanthrope afterglow...the electrical parade
the time when the lights became musically frantic,
trying to follow her into her dreams,
in their wishful dismay,
as she rested on my shoulder.
blown cherry so much for so much for it 020818
Eowithien Full of dreams. Heaven and hell. Life before death, life after death, death before life. The glow of a made-up face? The glow of blackness.

I can't see what the difference is between you and me, we're all just full of glowing blackness from beneath our very souls. I don't see what difference it should make if we are all just living a death before life.
blown cherry is alone was I there last night?
I don't feel it at all.
All I feel is alone in an empty room.
blown cherry is alone and only cold flat sheet where there should be warm tender body 030220
ItGirl you held me...your arms warm and strong... as I struggled not to cry. You kissed me and you dressed...

Yes I think we have a problem... so much for the afterglow...
ferret the afterglow of your eyes
traced light into darkness
still tainted with lies
at once i thought you harmless

underneath the velvet glow
your eyes changed black to white
bury me beneath the snow
take away all that is right

running from the inside
can't hide from all the pain
new life searched not found
your name is what remains

spinning circles 'round my head
your eyes penetrate
why does the whole world
carry so much fucking hate?

the solution lies in one
hidden from those that seek not truth
compound fractures in the sun
and in the end...

nothing really matters
what's it to you?
who go