Doar This will be a short ramble,
a flick of my lighter,
an ihalation of this current smoke.

do we see ourselves as a constant state?
have we filled ourselves to the point where we must pause in our excess?
watching our selves throwing away our excess and still remaining "Paris Hilton" bitches?

Do you believe in the bar card that is imprinted on every one of your hazed filled cumsuption records?

Markets are filling their vast gluttonus souls with you.

Gorging in minutes what you might say in seconds.

Okay, I've said my piece.

The ramblings of an addict.

Lemon_Soda We are a constant state in that the universe, from the beginign of time,, to the end, simply is, was and will be exactly what it makes sense that we act accordingly...however, looking for logic in it is futile since our concious perception is limited to the viewpoint and time we currently inhabit. 080409
They call me Truth We are not limited to our time. We are just too afraid to transcend the current moment. There is too much pressure to say that this cannot happen, that we have learned to say it of everything that has not happened yet. 080409
z what? 080410
Doar What? what z?

explain please.

why the what.

z that was not me. 080416
tourist This is part of a Lecture I Ripped From

It is about the future of rfid products
and touches on Doar's rambling I Believe.

The people who make Spimes want you to do as much of the work for them as possible. They can data-mine your uses of the spime, and use that to improve their Spime and gain market share. This would have been called "customer relations management," in an earlier era, but in a Spime world, it's more intimate. It's collaborative, and better understood as something like open-source manufacturing. It's all about excellence. Passion. Integrity. Cross-disciplinary action. And volunteerism.

When you shop for Amazon, you're already adding value to everything you look at on an Amazon screen. You don't get paid for it, but your shopping is unpaid work for them. Imagine this blown to huge proportions and attached to all your physical possessions. Whenever you use a spime, you're rubbing up against everybody else who has that same kind of spime. A spime is a users group first, and a physical object second.

I know that this sounds insanely complex, because it is. The reason this is necessary is a simple one. The reason is the passage of time. Entropy requires no maintenance. Artifacts, Machines, Products, Gizmos, they all die. The material objects that we human beings use and make, they wear out, get consumed, and get thrown away. Unfortunately, this process is reaching limits and is doing us serious harm. We're getting permeated by trash.

We are filling the atmosphere, and the seas, and the surface of the planet, and our own bodies, with our industrial emissions and our dead junk. In a world with 6.3 billion people, trending toward 10 billion, there is no "Away" left in which we can throw our dead objects. Our material culture is not sustainable. Its resources are not renewable. We cannot turn our entire planet's crust into obsolete objects. We need to locate valuable objects that are dead, and fold them back into the product stream. In order to do this, we need to know where they are, and what happened to them. We need to document the life cycles of objects. We need to know where to take them when they are defunct.

In practice, this is going to mean tagging and historicizing everything. Once we tag many things, we will find that there is no good place to stop tagging.
Doar thanks tourist.

a very interesting read.

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