yummychuckle my brother Isaac has a couple friends that came over here from russia. They are both really hot. Andre got shot 4 times going up his leg from a machine gun and stabbed 7 times. The other one (i forget his name, but hes cute) got stabbed a few times, and watched a bunch of his friends die.
thats a lot of shit to go through.

this dre (andre) character is reeeeaaalll sexy but then I realize there has gotta be something wrong if a 20 yr old is flirting with his friends 14 year old sister.
damn that silly age thing.
oh and the label slut.
and those stupid diseases you could get by sleeping with someone.

*sigh* too bad sex is such a serious thing.
schlarker "They are both really hot. Andre got shot 4 times going up his leg from a machine gun and stabbed 7 times."...those sexy russians. 010629
me i was just writing what i know about them...
i don't know much. i just heard some stories from isaac...

ouch. i hurt.
j_blue my experience with russians tells me they have machismo issues not worth it

culturally, males are trained to be ass-holes, of course they would hit on their friends 14 year old little sister womanizers

i could be wrong, but i doubt it open to greater enlightenment by non-russians, since russians would obviously be biased (if i were to be near something like accuracy)

kinkazoid one time i went to six flags great america in chicago..and there was a russian circus there my boyfriend who i was with wanted to go see the circus because i love elephants and i have never been to a circus,so he insisted that we watched it..
there was no elephant it was a bunch of russians walking on ropes and hipos and goats and stuff, what the hell kind of circus is that?
nocturnal a silly russian kind. 010707
black-dyed gel product ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^

they do have a much cooler word for astronaut. COSMONAUT is a fucking great word!

minnesota_chris I'm blathing at the library. All the other computers are being used by Russian kids (I am currently in Minnesota). They're playing an online game called Runescape. 040530
trixie "Drink more Vodka" he said while handing her another glass in his hand sized hands. Of course she can, being a little Russo-girl. So down and down the drinks they went. And through the night that heaven sent, he and she they waltzed through the city streets and into each other's hearts. Oh, months from now they'll both bemoan the lost time and absent phone, and drink it down with one last gulp- a Vodka drink and a silent yelp.
-"My Hero."
However, none of this answers the question of lack of calls, but surplus of sleepless nights and shivers when they are least expected... Interesting...
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