shroomery well.

I dont know anything, but living in the shroomery changes perceptions and alters the already pseudo altered alterations of the perceived perceptions of this reality. In which is a reality unto its self, meaning your reality is your own world and is completely different from mine and everyone elses. there is such a thing as reality to the known world but this is of Conesus, consequently. and it persist only when communicating with each other otherwise wed have no need to interact. People need to feel as if they can understand others perceptions and others grip of this fine reality so that they can relax, seemingly because others are there with you. Isolation in a non distracting world scares some, because all they know is the 5 senses, without them or with more of them, they are fearful. Change is something you must accept. It cant not be forced upon an individual, if it is this is when confusion and angry set in and then disbelieve of the entire situation. There are no fool proof systems, Nature will only then, produce a fool.

The power is in these hands of mine along with yours. We may chose to shake them together or hold each others. And yet, we still do not understand peace. Peace at a university level. At the place where all things meet and where all paths lead to.

Meet and greet with wisdom. Talk to a shaman.
Eat a shroom or two and have a moment in eternity.
Understand that god is each of us, for it gets hard to hate such a thing as god.
Go to nature- its Sacred.

I was watching a movie with the sub title on. It said waves crashing
But. How would a deaf person know what crashing waves sound like?
Or why is the Braille on ATMs? Political correctness on steroids.

Well Ive lost my man
And all my friends
And I feel ok about this

But what I could go for
Is a high dose injection of Truth

Yeah. I know youll tell me, again, that I fucked up
But at least try to see it once my way

The duller the eye, the more extensive the good. Hence the eternal cheerfulness of the common people and of children. Hence the gloominess and grief - akin to a bad conscience - of the great thinkers.

from Nietzsche's The Gay Science

Life is amazing. Its amazing how everything changes within a month, within a day, within a 3 second signature to release me from the boundaries and limits of slave like jobs. Ive traveled down many roads, Ive fell many times but you know what? Ive also learned how to fly and how it feels up there, and this. This is where ITS at and this IT I cant quite put it into words, perhaps you understand, maybe you don't and thats ok because I understand IT and I can understand you not understanding it nor appreciating this method of how I live, its cool.

Its take the shape of the world to help me understand, and what I need to understand I havent figured out yet and I like it this way otherwise I would already know and would never be able to get this antsy yearning feeling of Theres More Answers Out There. New faces to be seen, new voices to be heard and new hands to be felt. I will make it alright and kosher for youbut not right now

What you don't know about me I can just about
squeeze into the Grand Fucking
what's it to you?
who go