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I didn't know she had a blather log.
psyki My Favorite Dream

“Can you give me a back massageshe asked.

“SureI replied. No problem. I felt my heart begin to beat faster.

She slid off her plush red chair and sat in front of mine, on the faded grey carpet. The floor looked surreal, lit by sparse beams of pale moonlight that reflected off the snow-covered grass and shimmered hypnotically through glass panels in the front door.

I placed my hands on her shoulders and gave them a gentle squeeze. This can’t be that difficult. So why are my palms sweaty?

My eyes wandered around the small
room. Her thick coat and gloves lay in a heap by the piano in the corner. An undersized red sofa underneath the room’s single window reminded me of one of my abstract paintings. As I gazed out the window, streetlights in the parking lot illuminated the skeletons of trees, whose ice-covered branches swayed slowly in the frosty air.

I tried to remain relaxed as my hands slowly massaged her tense back. Hopefully she won’t notice that I’m so nervous.

Her hair smelled like flowers. I reached up and tucked a dangling strand behind her ear. My hand lingered on the back of her head, reveling in the soft tactile sensations of her hair.

“Eekshe said, in a cute, high-pitched voice.

“Meep . . . grrI playfully responded, my eyes focused on the back of her ear. You’re beautiful. Do you know that?

Still toying with her short, dark hair, I glanced at my watch, which displayed a barely visible 2:35. Butterflies began to flutter in my stomach again. It’s getting late.

I forced myself to breathe as my fingers traced a slow line down to her neck, gently resting on her smooth, warm skin. Mmm . . . nice collarbone.

“Hishe said, as she turned around to look at me.

“HelloI replied, a shy grin on my face. Then we were just sitting there, alone, in complete silence. Her eyes silently gazed into mine for what felt like an unbearable eternity. Is this positive feedback?

Finally, she broke eye contact and lightly placed her hand my arm, pulling me off the chair onto the floor beside her. I briefly glanced down at her light yellow t-shirt. It said “SingaporeThe dark brown dragon design perfectly matched the color of her eyes.

I looked up, and she smiled. Then I kissed a girl, for the very first time.
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