sab and he said to me
wow, are they bruises?

and i said no, theyre scars
and he said, normally they heal white

and i shrugged

this is what happens when you pick em
if you look carefully,
you can see the white ones i didnt pick

but you know
these things
cannot be avoided


when i was little
i was allergic to mosquitoes
and so id scratch
and scratch
till they turned into scabs.

then every night
i figured
if i picked them, then the mozzies would go to the wells of fresh blood and drink from that
rather than having to make new holes
every night

so i picked them carefully and methodically
every night
to give the mozzies
somewhere to drink

it never worked

but then little_kids_are_weird_sometimes
newme i love what you wrote here sabbie, especially about picking the scabs.
totally freakin blather_mirror reflecting a piece of my own life.

i am allergic to mosquitoes too.

apparently everyone is slightly allergic...but obviously for some people reaction can be more severe.

mosquitoes just love me. when i get bitten, the bite can last for a week (or more), all swollen and sore.
it friggin sucks. it just hurts and i try not to scratch but it's so hard not to scratch an itch when it's so itchy.

and i've tried brewers yeast (off and on) to deter them from biting me,... but mostly i find that i get bitten less, but still get bitten.

well it's not so bad now, was a lot worse as a child. one of my worst memories ever is of being bitten all over and the feeling of the bites seeming to last forever.


it still gives me nightmares sometimes.

and i remember also as a child standing outside my grandma's trailer and breaking the sores back open so the mosquitoes wouldn't need to bite (but of course they did).

does every kid try this?

once when i was sixteen i was looking to rent a place with my parents in a nearby valley.,..was a fairly nice place and i was really excited about the idea of living there,...

but as we were walking around the acreage, i got swarmed by at least a hundred squitoes and frig! i had to ask the lady for calamine lotion (only minor relief), and ended up using almost her whole bottle,...

and it was then and there my folks and i realized there was just no way we could live there (just too many darned mosquitoes by that lovely river).

where i live now it's not so bad.
when my uncle and aunt came from manitoba a couple summers ago, they declared that there were no mosquitoes here, but of course there are....

they're just so used to the manitoban mosquitoes which i hear are really terrible to live with. "you've never seen a mosquito until you've been to manitoba" they tell me,...which basically makes me think twice about ever going to manitoba (even though i really want to).

blah blah blah.

scabs, yes. bloody scabs. and scars.
newme "i love what you wrote here sabbie, especially about picking the scabs."

i meant especially about picking the scabs so the squitoes wouldn't make new holes.

my mind is a bit disconnected.
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