amys last words if i distilled everything down to what it is right now, i think it would be the mindnumbing sweetness of a goodbye.

but that has a quality of overmuchness to it, although i think it's true. so in that case, i'm going to make a webpage. write stuff. i've got some stuff i wanna say. a lot of stuff i haven't been able to say here.

last year, i got sucked into this site amongst a bunch of things that really affected me, personal and in the world. i read skinny legs and all by tom robbins, and that book sort of reminded me of some things i had thought of before, but i put them in the back of my mind (to be perfectly vague about it). and then there was that orbital album. i still don't think anybody gets that but me. and the WTO protests in Seattle-- you guys should have *seen* that... and the new year, year 2000... the ende. and the beginning, the uncertainty and the opportunity to create. something clicked in my head.

i think we all need to create more, but I *know* that i need to create. i've been playing wordgames and stagegames here and testing their connection to reality as other people see it, and as i've come accustomed to it. i've been watching what other people are doing.

what i'm saying is my *dance* here is ending. much to my dismay, because when i stop to dance, i lose my dance partners, which makes me sad. (i can watch you, like on tv, but i wouldn't be dancing) i'm sorry if i've not expressed how much i like you people. thank you for your words.

most of what i've ever written on blather has been blather-referential. and that oddly does have some connections to real life, but real-life is more static. there is not always relentless movement in real life.

keep a lookout for me at, what's there now is a couple years old. i'll try to keep up the sneaky games. i'll keep a lookout for you guys (including here at blather, there's no way in hell i could quit cold turkey), if you tell me where to look. i'm still up for tape swaps, email and stuff.
l, amy
Barrett I am deeply saddened. You will be missed. 001114
miniver "But something whispers to my heart
That, as we downward tend,
Lycoris! life requires an 'art'
To which our souls must bend;
A skill--to balance and supply;
And, ere the flowing fount be dry,
As soon it must, a sense to sip,
Or drink, with no fastidious lip."
jesus even though you broke pure prairie geek's heart, he still thinks you are very perceptive and entertaining.
onward and upward!
Kendra I am happy to see that you are still moving forward and creating, Amy. To me, it makes a smile.

But I feel so sad. First you say you want to leave blather forever. Then schleiffen man goes and pronounces himself dead. Then splinken says she wants to "get a new hobby". I just feel so sad.

Like something that was once so good and innocent has come to an end.
daxle it came to end so long ago
it got reborn so recently
it's all the same
the rain, the same
what's it to you?
who go