strawberryxgash Her head lolls from side to side, giggles erupt from nowhere. Her fingers fly faster over the keyboard, blurting out random tidbits that amuse some, and annoy others. Then, everyone is in bed. There's no-one left for her to talk to. She shrugs into the silence, and spins around on her chair like the innocent little girl she never was. It's 4am, but she's nowhere near tired. She bites her lip, and tells herself to remember that she has to go to bed before her parents wake up. They get mad-ish when she's still awake. But still, she stares at the screen. The pretty shades of blue all blend together as she reads. Some seems deep, most are funny. She won't remember anyof them come afternoon, when she finally wakes up. Her eyes drift close, then jump up as she lets out a gasp. Then bursts into laughter again. There's no logical reason behind her laughter, she just finds the world astonishingly amusing at this lonely hour. 040325
. . 040331
pete I hope I make it. One more paper. Three more classes. Then I am done all my course work of my first year in the College of the Humanities. Two weeks off to relax, with three days with my parents, then two weeks with an exam every forth day. Atleast then I'll be able to relax. To sleep between the trees across the canal or across the river. Now, though, I am over tired. I can feel it in the depression it brings and how everything I hear becomes negative if it is not asuridly possitive. Any action which could be a slight is taken as so. All hints of rationality flee and a light nueroticism comes, especially since the essay I am writing, should be writing, deals with paradoxes. Oh I cannot be right, my arguement is fatally flawed by the fact that any answer to the question "What is Tao" is wrong because "The Tao that can be spoken of is not the eternal Tao" and they want me to explain the eternal Tao. I can't very well give Professor Salmond a 2500 word poem. If only, then my words would be sweet, the air bright, and the sun soft. No, instead it must be in essay form. Off I go. Off and off, oh how over tired I am! 040331
pete I took a nap listening to Sigur Rós for an hour, and am still unable to work. Tomorrow morning as I watch the sun rise, or atleast the sky lighten, I will know that I should have worked and then slept. 040331
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