me? Margaret Freeman had a body
Unlike any I'd seen
It seemed to drip her mental thoughts
Like much too warm ice cream
One day while she washed the dishes
In the nude I saw
How her mother's sodden ways
Had rubbed her rib cage raw
jay gordon yes - nude - what else is there to say - nude - just the word is enough - i just have to say it one more time - nude 000104
birdmad No, my dear.
not just to see a brief flicker of bare skin, not just an accidental flash of your smooth, pale flesh.

no, i will not lie, i want to unravel your mysteries and spend a reverent eternity looking at you. to dress you only in the warmth of a barrage of kisses.

to guide my hands over your hips and shoulders and breasts, your face your neck and your thighs

and to finally know why the hands of the gifted seek to sculpt the very earth to mimic forms like yours
claudia the word 'nude' sounds very sohpisticated. almost too artsy. that's why i like the word 'naked' better. that's just because everyone can be naked. that's a general abitlity. however, only the elite can be nude. it's a class thing. 000727
moonshine I'm asking for an honest chance with someone I care for. Once a honest chance. Bare skin is nothing compared to what I m hiding inside. 000819
power through passion I cannot deny
the provocative effect of the naked form

but isn't the idea
of a savagely heated physical mingling
while fully covered by the clothes
of social convention
ten times as charging to the soul?

maybe standing in a doorway
maybe on the old bench
in the shady gardens
of an old Spanish governor's mansion
fountains gurgling their happy song

I'm not sure why
perhaps fue la passion
of a secret escondido
but open so los otros pueden ver

contradiction and paradox
give life that little spice
ask old Willy the Spear Shaker
appearance vs. reality
fuels the drama
petroleo para mi alma
christopher to be nude to feel the air on your skin

to see someone nude to see the lakes and valleys and peaks of their body

to be nude with someone to feel your bodies touching intimately

to be nude
wet dream u r ? 010912
bobby buckner sweet 010912
Aimee what can i say? I love being naked... showers are a highlight, going to bed used to be, but damn my having to go to school and have a room mate.... but oh to be naked and go swimming... mmmmmm what a liberating feeling. Most of my major life experiences happened when I was naked... birth, bathing, loss of virginity... :) all naked... god I love being naked. 010912
distorted tendencies Nude is your pale soft skin against mine, warm and tingly. My fingers tips caressing your every curve. You're an art, a masterpiece, beautiful. 010923
shorlove Yves Klein- "blue sponge". 030425
tyrant to be nude is To flirt with mother nature. Telling her where you want to feel her breath, Her warmth. 031019
Freak I wish I could be naked all the time....well...unless I was cold....but I still rather be naked and just bundled in big fluffy covers.

speaking of nude...see the Freak folder on
jane the
to be nude
is expressing the
to go back
to the womb
back to eden
where it was
to be free
Death of a Rose nudity is no fun with clothes on 031021
homo_boy should be outlawed///!!!! 031128
yyyo Wet_dream ??? 031224
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