sphinxradio i like to complain about the physics here on earth.
i like to make up my own natural laws.

i will let you fly, too, if you forget everything you've learned from all those little blue and yellow sheets from fifth period.

and you have to let everything fade, from red to green to black and white.

then you see the real contrast, and then you begin to dream in color.
nocturnal 'tis I. 011106
Inanna you have the right to be irrational 011108
d we all just a bunch of irrational numbers marching through space, maybe. 011108
Sonya We are all irrational when happiness is at stake.

Irrationality sets in the moment your heart is placed on the cutting board.
Freakfly Today I think the words give feeling to my thoughts. I go from talking to just thinking alot. Im not sure of why I function this way. My brain knows Im alive today. I just cant make these feeling stop. To save the day, maybe change my life, or just have a good thought. My heart is broken and in my brain. I need help, counseling, a shot of fuckn novicane. I know Im in or maybe out of controll, but for two months I just cant eat. The task at hand seams so easy, God I just feel beat. Turning on the shower, going to work. I dont know if I really was the jerk. It sounds so sane when I talk to myself, and fight calling her everynight. I obsesively compolsively track my mistakes, and wonder why did we fight. I know that she is sad, mad, depressed, and not feeling worth a shit. But why put up this wall, so tall, and kick me down in this pit.

I need to talk. Get this out of my head. Move on with life. Just like she said.

unhinged i knew your situation better than you understood from the very beginning, but even though my mind knew it wasn't a good idea to start something with you, i gave you my number anyways.

even though my rational mind can accept that it all came about cause neither one of us wanted to be alone and it all ended cause the human heart has a limited capacity for caring, even after all the time since, my heart still aches over the fact that i was so easily discarded.
epitome of incomprehensibility Sometimes I use this word inappropriately - "The weather here is irrational." Of course the weather isn't irrational. But sometimes I am. 131015
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