andrea he reminds me of the summer
after high school when i dated
chris & we would drive
around town listening to his CD
with chris rapping along &
laughing each time my mouth
hit the floor

copyright 2000
m&m i'm glad no one else has anything to say about eminem. he's all over the place. i don't mind, i'm not saying he sucks or anything, it's just that people freak out about uneccesary shit. like oh my god his lyrics are ruining our kids. or oh my god this guy is so cool. he must have done something right. everybody knows who eminem is. 001016
Raina "Went to bible class with a gun
blasted a nun
fuck hell
satan sent my ass to the sun
I wasn't born
I was hatched
Dumped in the trash
With a note attacthed
"someone please whoop this brat's ass"
I never gave a rat's ass
or a flying fuck
Driving drunk
in a fire truck with the siren stuck
Went to skid out but the tires stuck..."

...this is the Eminem that I liked, the Marshall Mathers of 1997, before most of the masses ever heard of him. The name of this song was "Five Star Generals" by ShaaBam Sadiq. He will never sound as good as he sounded in '97. The rest of you can feast off of his comercialized remains.
Kami Khazay we've still got royce don't we?
wait...he's in the studio with primo?
at least it's not swizz...
at least it's not the neptunes...
j_blue pop culture is too popular. 001017
guitar_freak no shit 001119
datura it pisses me off that america is so outraged by what he says. but i still don't like him. 001202
eminem but i like you! 001202
Zeroshin you scream and scream, but he's still there, just like everybody else, his life is his owns and i don't have time to give a damn. 010118
jennifer download the Stan Parody by Scott Thompson 010119

another example of MTV being fascinating in a completely unintentional way:

Eminem was hosting that total request live show, and carson whatshisface tried to joke with him. eminem flipped carson whatshisface off. carson whatshisface chuckled and said something to the effect of, "now THERE'S the eminem we know and love".

you know that look that zoo animals get just before they freak out and start running into the plexiglass walls of their cages? that same look flashed across eminem's face, just for a second.
ghetto bomb stylee fourteen minutes and counting 010619
Sol see also hate, disgust, boredom, any other similar page dedicated to feelings of distaste 010619
black-dyed gel product i just don't find him very interesting, I guess he can rap, but can hey pole vault? 010619
32 as the world turns 010925
eminem that's my favourite soap! it kicks ass! 010925
lost RAP IS CRAP!!! RAP IS CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!RAP IS CRAPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 010926
sabbie the only eminem song i have ever heard is the tori cover of '97 bonnie and clyde. i wonder what it sounds like when eminem does it, but not enough to actually do anything about it.

music is art.
i never saw the beauty in pro hart.
stork daddy an artist should never be blamed for the resonance of their art with the popular culture. Rather than look to the harmless words, look to why so many people were drawn to that anger, were waiting for someone to say what they all thought. 020531
tinka eminem owns,kthx? 030815
barclay went to bible class with a gun.

i used to have that song. i lost it. what is it called?? no one else seems to know it. email= boxbarc@yahoo.com
Eminem Fuck ALLLLL you mafuckers!! 110422
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