Jose Mesona sometimes things that dont make sense are trippy. like this website is trippy, but it makes sense. whoa, see now that's trippy 000305
kitten on drugs "number 9, number 9, number 9"

if that trips you out (and if you know what i'm talking about, chances are it does trip you out) then let me know...and i'll tell you my favorite trippy things
god lennon sock it to me. 001122
kitten on drugs my favorite things when i'm tripping: black lites and glow in the dark body paint, pudding, jell-o, "revolution 9", rain, thunder + lightning, riding in a car, watching people's faces morph around, and laying on my back on a beanbag just staring at the ceiling. thank you. 010125
grendel ten years ago
candyflipping with a nursing student
while we were kissing i could swear that we kept switching bodies as we did

it felt kinda like that
orange lime tomarrow to see the world through unmasked eyes 010329
shane nothing is real.
nothing is fake.
nothing of then.
nothing of late.
. : * p s y b o r g * : . I love this word. 011104
ellen cherry charles trippy Tricky
(what I'm currently listening to)
crimson This crazy trip.
Spiders were crawling out from behind everything and there was a thick, slowly seeping, red liquid coming in through the corners of the roof.
I fell out of my window and when I stopped laughing and stood up, said to myself (or thought about saying) something like "It's all rainbows and sunshine."
I started seeing giant, shimmery, translucent-pinkish-blue (like that special tissue paper) rain drops and umbrellas. Each large rain drop was identicle, as were every one of the umbrellas. They were arranged evenly, some upside-down and some not, in a pattern like wallpaper covering my world.
I passed out in my front yard a little bit later.
Mandida How I first found this Blather site was by searching for the work trippy online as I was high looking for trippy things pretty crazy eh? p.s. I'm Canadian eh? 041125
anne-girl life is frickin' trippy... nobody knows why the hell we're here or if some random sadistic or really really nice god created us and some people take life waaaaaaaay too seriously and worry about RRSPs and crap and some people don't give a damn and just live off the drug of their choice, like acid or philosophy or whatever, and then you can play mad games with math or science and go on a whirling merry-go-round of thought and tumble to the ground breathless, and, er.... die

and blather is -damn- trippy
and trippy is totally a -insert decadehere- word, which makes it totally awesome.
acidshank yay. when i look for something to trip out on. i look for words. they are lovely. i also check out blather, work on my scrapbook or just watch my room or my trippy ass house. omg. i can trip out for sooo long.
leprechauns. those are cool. and my cat haha. drawing is trippy! or watching people. or cocks.
haha im part of CWA
those are the ones.
make the blaaaaaah
Jose Mesona its been 5 years since i started this blather. It's trippy that I've returned to blather some more 050606
shaggy psychedelic 060430
yo mama yo mama 080203
what's it to you?
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