emily "The tao is like a well:
used but never used up.
It is like the eternal void:
filled with infiniite possibilities."
amorfus Those who know, do not speak.
Those who speak, do not know.
sannyasi Returning is the motion of Tao.
Yielding is the way of Tao.
The ten-thousand things are born of being.
Being is born of non-being
guitar_freak go to www.organism.com It is a very small website I found that is really cool and has great sayings and quotes. Tao is mentioned 001105
squirrel and so it keeps happening.
a voice rises and falls silent.
-just now.
who could have guessed?
we are again for the first time....
kx21 t1) Do you think TAO really exists?

t2) Did anybody verify or prove its existence?
ubliss ***ubliss: The Ultimate Bliss***

Subject : TAO & Desire

True Self = Self - Desire for Self (e.g. Material, Wealth, Power, ...)

True Love = Love - Desire for Love
(e.g. TOUCH, KISS, SEX, ...)

And True TAO = TAO - Desire for TAO

Those who know TAO, do not desire for TAO.

Those who desire for TAO, do not know TAO.

Copyright 2000. ubliss.com
squirrel Has anyone verified or proved my existence? Can you prove faith? It's all a best guess. A test with no time limit, except that time just keeps happening and you eventully will stop. 001112
kx21 TAO is the POWER of CREATIVITY of STAR(S) and SHIT(S), especially You and ME inherited from the Creator of the UNIVERSE. 010116
mr. bad advice check out the rick springfield album of the same name for more on this. 010116
one hand clapping the empty vessel

but air flows through and all the things the air carries with it

the vessel is never truly empty
orbst How can I say it?
The blooming, buzzing world
Silent in the void.

This coin has two sides;
Sitting and breathing the air
Let your hand open.

To rule the earth,
Fill the bellies, clear the minds;
Are you that simple?
SOl the tao is nothing and everything
from it comes nothing and everything
it is the void
Sol yesterday i was cold
the flowers tried to grow
but the snow choked them
Sol I spent all day dreaming
people laughed and watched
what did i accomplish?
Sol This time is stolen from me
It cannot return
SO why cant i leave
jerrym/WAR i wish i knew the tao of this blather.newdream.net i like so much!


i am learning.

i am a slow learner.
virtualtao tao the creator of all things, quality. 010403
Lotusmagic What is Tao?

Those who know, don't say. Thos who say don't know.
88 mph The spoken tao is not the eternal tao? Well then shut the fuck up! 020830
phil Most common letters beginning a message:
T, A, O, W, C, H, I
who? Tao is your mother licking her own genitals. Tao is a little boy molesting a priest. The tao is a seashell that listens to people for the sound of their brains. Tao is the shadows. Tao is 030131
niska be desireless...
be excellent...
be gone.

wow, does this ever turn me on...
sheli the way 030804
beatitude You don't need prove it's existence.
If you did, it wouldn't be the Tao that you had found.
To search for it is to walk away from it.
realistic optimist a true competitor
wants his foe at his best.
pete Like the fog,
coming from both the valley
and falling from the sky
Tao is niether of the
Earth nor of the Heavens.
The countless dropletes
Surround and fill
All the myriad of things,
But do not touch or obscure.
Since the fog is above,
It is less than,
Since the fog is below,
It is more than,
Since the fog is both
It is immeasurable by.
thismeansnothing sshhhhhh... blathering is not the Tao 041012
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