moonshine Gift that keeps giving 010113
uri yankinov In Russia We call it Rotchakokov. 010113
deb he called me
said she did it on purpose
said she gave him herpes
just to be a bitch.
he said it had been
4 months since it happened.
and i hung up.
because we had been together
for 6.
now who's the bitch?
tourist Herpes is a bitch, but it is only trasmitable when it's active. If this guy is any good at all he'll refrain from intercourse until he's all clear. It is related to the virus that causes cold sores in the mouth, and you should be advised not to receive oral sex from anyone so affected either. Just a reminder to play safely. 010115
daxle the ultimate bliss? 010116
tourist Daxle, You is strange. 010117
princess my girlfriend wendy is married to a guy named rob and works for an entertainment company, and one day i told my mother (who is 70 years old and not to hip to all of the new technology) that wendy had dvd. well she immediately thought that it was some sort of disease or something because she came back with "well, where did she get it?" I said "well, she works at an entertainment company, she got it from work" my mother says "well, does rob have it too?" I said "yes, mom, they're married. of course he has it too." She says, "well, they had better watch it!" I said, "I'm sure they'll both watch it." she seemed so concerned. I finally figured it out and we all had a big laugh over it. my mother is cute, she reminds me of edith bunker. 020609
phil sterile truck driver 020610
freakizh gross.

even more disgusting when is passed to the mouth.

i remember we made some research about it. and this photos came up.. *pukes*

i don't know how many people can fuck with strangers knowing this beast is outside and haunting us.
sadly i another viral and incurable std is called hpv. it what causes cervical_cancer and up until the pap smear was invented, it was the largest killer of women. it still is in non-industrialized countries.

this std is not preventable by using a condom.

something to think about.
Zoe ok... so i've tried looking this up, but i can't find the answere. how long after having unprotected sex should i get tested for stds? will they show up on the test right after? 040905
misstree tourist: very, very wrong. the herpes virus can be shed at *any* time. some people shed the virus without ever having an outbreak.

and thank you, sadly. let me repeat that: hpv, aka genital_warts, causes cervical_cancer. causes histerectomies, chemotherapy, death.

and neither one of these is stopped by a condom.

i know, you don't want to think about it. i didn't either. i'm lucky i only have this pair of jokers, rather than the ace of spades.

just pretend for a bit that you have herpes. wrap your brain around it nice and tight. sexy, huh?
misstree and as far as testing, most things will show up within six weeks. i would test again at 6 months to be sure, though. virii are tricky like that. 060105
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