birdmad they burn me when i get too close

they rip me open on their serrated points

the nights should be blacker
pipedream i miss stars. i need blacker night skies and a higher roof. or a telescope.

i want to see stars properly.
celestias shadow the cities shouldn't invade the sky. they should be pinpoints of light, just like the lovely lovely stars. that's why i love camp so much. there's nothing brighter than the stars. 031102
pipedream i agree.
the first time i went to the library roof (to see mars) i was blown away.
dark skies( STARS!!!) full winds because a) the library is five four stories high and b) my university has still escaped being swallowed up by the city.

i could've stayed there forever.
blah-ze a line a child whispered as she lay dying in a car wreck. her mother asked her if she could see god.

"the stars, mommy, the stars, from here i can see the stars."

i think of this every time i look up at the night sky.
nom on a clear night
no way to count

big white milky way full
moons that glow blue on snow on ice
User24 I miss stars, too.. hopefully as winter approaches we'll get to see more.

Stars are a part of nature, and as we are too, stars are our brothers and sisters, they deserve our attention.

City (or even town) life tends to haze everything over with the orange glow of street lights, in this egocentric age of technology and progress, I feel we are forgetting that we, as a race, and as a planet, are but one tiny part of the infinite cosmos.

I think people should look at stars more often, not only to appreciate their natural beauty, but also to appreciate what those stars signify, and what questions they evoke; of course there's the obvious "are we alone?", but hiding inside that question is one of much greater importance; "does it matter?"

Surely the realisation that the universe is more complicated than we can imagine is an overwhelming thought in itself; that we are so small, so insignificant.

Stars show us that life is not just about what happens in our house, our city, even on earth, but that life continues into the farest reaches of space, and possibly beyond into yet unknown dimensions.

Stars show us that the universe is not a chance occurance, that the same systems are repeated over and again throughout the universe; galaxies are constructed to the same blueprint, as are stars, planets, possibly even life itself.

Stars tell us that, despite the overwhelming diversity of nature, everything is accounted for, and everything has it's place, they shine their light across unknown distances, to be recieved into out eyes, and then, at that point, the decision is ours:

Do we throw this universal knowledge away, discard it and say "oh, a star", or do we ponder, however briefly, upon their wonder?
grey state perspective 031103
u24 yes 031103
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