DannyH Did I ever tell you the story of the muggers? I hope not. You walk to the shop and the pretty little children are throwing fireworks in the street. Off they go bang and the children running. Round the corner, the big children are waiting. The big children go bang too. They threw fireworks up in the air to mask the sound of their guns go bang and see if you can hit the rocket as it flies up in the air. Of course you canít.
So I am lollopping down the road dressed as a student. I am going to the shop for fags and booze. ďIíll just go on my own and get mugged shall I?Ē ďHaHaHaĒ I am looking at the little children running down the road away from their fireworks go bang. By the corner they have stopped running and theyíre talking to the older kids. The older kids are looking over the young ones heads at me as I walk into the shop.
They follow me out. The pretty little children arenít around any more and its a jumpy sort of dancing walk he does to get beside me while his mate follows behind and its fifty pence he says he wants and I ignore him because Iím nearly home and I reckon I can make it. But I canít and Iím saying I donít have fifty pence as we reach my front gate. He says Iím lying and heís right.
So they follow me up the path and stop me at my own front door. My three friends are inside but they donít see. They go through my pockets and tell me not to fuck around. They take about seven quid and leave me with the booze and fags. From then on I am nervous of going out on my own in the neighbourhood. Which really gets me down.
flo it's the small one that you have to watch out for. adults don't usually mug you for a few quid, but fifteen year old boys can get away with anything. they have a support network of other little bastards who will wait on the estate and make you life hell if anything happens to their mates. they are effectively immune from prosecution and they know it. the only answer is to carry a kosh (pref loose ballbearing filled) and at the danger point in your meeting with them - before they even open their lying little mouths - crack them across the sternum. that lets all of their wind out and gives you a chance to run. or you could try never dressing like a student again, not only will you look better but you will also feel safer 010429
kipper it is the small, you for adults out to watch out must not mug you normally for some quid, but fifteen a yearly boys with everything away to receive to be able, that, it a supporting net other small hybrid have, for the condition wait and it life hell form, if everything happens their assistants it is effectively immune to pursuit and it white that it is to carry the only answer kosh (pref the loose Ballbearing filled) and at the danger point in your meeting with them - before opens it even their lying small openings - cracks you them over the Sternum, that the whole their wind out leaves and gives to you a probability around to run or you could try to dress never, like a class participant again, not only will, which you look better, but you feel also safer 040414
kipper mugging DannyH explained I to you the history of the Muggers at all? I do not hope. They go throwing to the business and the pretty small children to Fireworks in the road. Away of bang and the child running go to them. All around the large children wait the corner. The large children go to bang also. They threw Fireworks above in air to cover over the clay/tone their rifles go bang and seeing, if you can strike the rocket, while them fly above to air. Of course you can?t. So lollopping I down the road, which geklitten as class participants become. I go to Schnaepse to the business for fags and. straight go to I on my and receive are? mugged? I regard the small children, who run down the road away from their Fireworks, go to bang. By the corner they stopped a running and they?re speaking with the older kids. The older kids look over the young precede at me, while I go into the business. They follow me out. To receive the pretty little Kindaren?t around somehow more and its one jumpy kind of the dancing way, which he does, in order beside me, while its assistant follows after and its he says pence of fifty that he wishes and I ignore him, because I?m can do nearly home and I him form to compute. But i-can?t and the Saying I I?m don?t pence of fifty, while we reach my front gate. He says to the right lying and he?s I?m. Thus they follow me up the way and stop me at my own front door. My three friends are inside, but her see don?t. They go through my bags and ask me not to bumsen around. With they take approximately sieve quid and leave me the Schnaepse and fags. From then on are me from expiring on my even in the neighbourhood nervous. Which really down receives me 040803
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