silentbob Private Archipelago
(Written by Sordid Humour)

She lives alone on her Private Archipelago
with the palm trees and her seashells

She sits in the waves all day
She's scared of dying and she wants to keep it that way

She sends a boat out on the sea with a little note for me
it says why are all the girls so hungry
say why are all the girls so hungry
why are all the boys so lonely

Why can't anybody see me
and why can't anybody hear me
and why won't anyone believe me
hey monkey, why you gotta leave me
monkey, why you gotta leave me

Why can't you leave a light on .... for me
Mirah I'm on the archipelago
and I'm waiting to arrive
I'm on the archipelago
and I know I'm still alive

You finally told me what you had been thinking for so long
And it breaks my heart wide open but I know that I'll be stronger next time

So goodbye my love
I'll miss it when it's gone
Goodbye my love
The ship is shipping on
Goodbye my love
I'll give it up into the fog
Goodbye my love
I think I knew it all along


I knew it all along
epitome of incomprehensibility I figured out how to pronounce this word today. The "ch" is like a K. 140208
silentbob I should clarify something: 14 years ago I posted the above lyrics with a fundamental misunderstanding of them. These are not the lyrics to the song "Private Archepelago" by Sordid Humour. At least not properly.
The above refrain was sung by Adam Durtiz in a live version of Round_Here by counting_crows. Duritz often improvises and adlibs and goes off on tangents in his songs, and in fact, that is part of the charm of their shows; you will never quite get the exact studio version, always a new and wholly original version that may not be repeated at any other show.
In this particular recording which I had on some leaked bootleg mp3 in 2000, or maybe from their live album, I dunno, he sang the above lyrics. The internet was not the vast network of tubes that it is today, and I couldn't find any information on Sordid Humour or the proper lyrics to the song.
Now their entire album is on Spotify and I can listen to it for free because_the_internet is the great equalizer. Now everything is free for everyone (at the expense of the people who make it).
But anyway, now I can confirm that the above lyrics are the improvised ramblings of Adam Duritz and not the proper lyrics to Private Archipelago.
the_end & thank_you
e_o_i Still, that's pretty cool.

I came across the word again while reading The Islanders by Christopher Priest. The book was a "blind date" from the library - some books were wrapped up so that people didn't know what they were getting, and if I return mine with a little form filled out before Valentine's Day I'll have a chance to win a fancy dinner for two, and if that happens (a chance of at least 1 in 100, I think) I'll give to someone else as a gift.

How could I reach the age of 25 and not know how to pronounce "archipelago"? Apparently words where the ch makes a k sound are from Greek. But someone in my choir (notice the ch in "choir"!) had been pronouncing chaos as "chay-oss" all her life until yesterday and she's at least 45.
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