Nathan88 gifts
something you want
something you dont
would u consider it a gift if u knew everyone else had it but just didnt know how to use it
im not talkin presents
something more devine
i can see things other cant
sense things when there is nothing to be sensed
some may just not understand
i hope i do not scare you
last nite was really intense
even if you doubt it at times you felt my heart
you felt my heat
you saw me go from tired to calmly alert to extremely exhausted
i do not ask
i havent really told
i know it is not just me
it is for everyone
but you must be ready
there are two sides
was this why i was afraid as a child
waking up as a baby screaming and not acknowledging anyone until my body was not strong enough to stay awake
what did i see
what did i hear
is this why my sister only really feels comfortable while im around
because i understand her
do we communicate differently
is she left alone when i am around because i can handle it
i say look hard enough and you wont see
but dont look at all and you will find the answers
when you cannot tell if your eyes are open or shut is when your looking past the boundries, it is when you see things as they really are
rose pedals
a woman
a tree and a cat with a bow
wild rasberry bushes
what was up with the venus fly trap
why did she let me see
although i dont think it was her
i think you let me see
not only can i see your soul
i can see past it
through everything
past lives perhaps
deja vu at its best?
perhaps our gaurdian angels are our souls
and all the rest are just there to guide us
for like people souls can go astray
just call them back
and they will come
is there a limit on existence
do trees have souls?
does mother nature exist
is mother nature one big entity with one soul and everytime we lose a plant or a perfectly picked flower does it take a portion of the soul
if it does then souls can regenerate
and if they can regenerate they probably can duplicate
can we have more than one soul?
everyone sins
sins lead to hell
perhaps we have two souls and one goes to heaven one goes to hell
we decide which path we want to take
which life we want to live...
or is earth heaven hell purgatory all in one
maybe not just earth but the entire universe
we walk our own path some just lead to different places
they vary for everyone
it is too much for us although we truly already know...

like whoa
blown cherry a friend who always has time for you
whose enthusiasm to see you will never be hidden
who can cheer you up just by listening to them prattle on about nothing
whose warm voice cuts through the empty night
and can take my mind off the loneliness,
at least for a while
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"A" Man Why, thank you! 071214
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