Q A transitive verb expresses an action that connects a subject to an object. Such a verb requires a direct object to complete meaning.

A transitive relationship is one among three elements such that the relationship must hold between the first and third elements if it holds between the first and second and the second and third. An example of a transitive relationship is equality for numbers.

Yet, despite the implication of connectedness in transitive when modifying verbs and relationships, a transitive thing is one involving transition. Indeed, transitive derives from the Latin transitivus, which means passing over.

If there be lessons here, one of them must be that language is as complicated and full of mystery as life.
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unhinged when i look at you now, it doesn't feel the same. it can't be the same as it was back when we spent our waking lives together without the rest of the world. slowly, you beat it out of me; that silent and complete adoration i felt for you. i've grown tired of sharing you with the rest of them. it was better when we knew less about each other. it was better when we were the only two people in our own little world. i can't expect to get out of you what i don't want to give you in return.

i want to rewind and go back to when the only thing that mattered between us was the present.
I saw his band advertised at the club just down the street. He'd fly into town just for the night, did he even know it was my town now? I dressed up and clacked past bars in my best heels until the club, knowing I wouldn't go in but perhaps hoping he'd be outside in between sets and I'd act surprised and he'd who knows. I walked right up to the door and muddled myself into the crowd smoking outside, glanced into the glass as I ambled past towards nowhere. I saw from the side but could not hear him singing earnestly into the mic fingers curled just so around it.

Glow warm suspend hark recall reprise jolt calm still ache.

But then I'm past and turn around and realize it's really late and cold and tired pathetic unsafe shrink drab but I find a taxi to whisk me away so I can't harp or go in or try.
unhinged so much dirty time between us
and still
is that perfect little life we had
way back in the beginning
In_Bloom Learn something from me
Stop questioning your comfort and just roll with me
It is what it is and so far, it's wonderful and fortunate and good
It could become great
what's it to you?
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