Aimee good bye you lame ass hickville town,
I know I won't miss you at all.
Your small minded cattle-sheep ways
Have left me completely appalled.

I suffered two years
in your bigoted streets.
Now, if I'm lucky...
perhaps I'll find some peace.

I hate most of your lame ass cops
Who fight crime while sitting at country kitchen.
And the one of you who talks to me
constantly says "Aimee quit your bitchin'"

But honestly I hate this place,
I hope it fucking rots..
Especially those bigoted asshole citizens,
Better known to townies as cops.
unhinged so i love you more than i can ever say
and we both know that
so why don't we
just leave it that way?
Syrope O lone ketchup packet
how thee hast remdept'd me
even delivered me
from the painful plainiousity
of such a dry and crumbly corndog

i know not what brought us together
in this place, at this time
myself, slaving for pay
and you, awaiting discovery
in the dirty and deserted office fridge

but i am grateful to you
O ketchup packet
for being where no one would think
on the top shelf, back corner
needlessly cold and shivering

for your preservatives
and your handy sealed plastic home
have rendered you powerful enough
to resist the blazing temperatures
of the room and its air conditioning

but the carelessness and stupidity
of the previous ketchup partner
led them astray, led them to think
that you would waste away
save one last chance on the cold white racks

so finding you, stumbling upon you
next to the moldy sandwich
and the mystery foil package
brought great joy to my life
and much tastiness to my tastebuds

though you felt the pain
of the tear'n of your corner
and though you felt the guilt
in coating the breadsleeve
of a fellow consumable, like blood

you were strong, you were brave
and your story will ne'er be forgotten
for there will never be another
that comes close to you
and the serendipity of our union

to you, O ketchup, i am indebted.
jerko oh bitterness how I love you so. your bitter taste, your hateful words.
Stay by me forever.
zedel there once were glory days
they were short but wonderful

they will come again
In_Bloom I have loved you
In my sleep
When I have opened my eyes in the morning
Throughout my days the idea of you has drawn me forward
When the night comes, the idea of you has cradled me through panic
In the hearts of others, I have sought you and seen you there
You have been the greatest source of love of my life
I have often talked to you in thin air to show me where to look and listen
I have asked you to point me in the direction of one who will love me as nearly
Maybe even as dearly, as you have
You are the reason and the way for all that has been good in me
I have tried to love others as you loved me
My life has been so much, I'm only sorry to have been greedy to want more of it
I have all I am from my toes to the top of my head to thank you for
what's it to you?
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