dondeestanlosjaguares hey, this is a little project that could take any shape or form, being that there aren't really any rules on blather blue. but i know that when we grew up, for the most part, we all came to know of certain things of the way they "used to be"
maybe because we heard them in fairy tales, or because the way our parents said things were before, or maybe the general preconceived notion over some aspects of life, but i wanted to know what blatherskites thought about certain topics and how they've "changed" from then and now. . . first topic:love.
dondeestanlosjaguares this is what I think about love

i'm a true romantic, and a hopeless one. bad combination. i'm also an idealistic dreamer, things should be perfect, but seldom are in the real world. i've learned to cope with it. but when love was introduced into my world, it was perfect. it was something to be enjoyed between a man and a woman, who loved each other. . . that is, they held respect and trust for one another, they shared equal intimacy and values, they communicated and continued on in the walks of life, hand in hand, happily ever after.

thats not what love is, not the way i see it nowadays. I feel like it has been corrupted. people just look for a moment to pass the time, not something solid. love is a passing phase, something few can hold on to, as if it were a slimy worm that wiggled out of your hands, no matter how hard you tried to hold on to it. There are so many that are troubled by the word, that if it were ever brought up in a casual relationship, it would devastate things between the two people. That or it would be used as a terrible tool to get what one wants sabotaging the others emotions and ideals of what love is. love is sad now. true love is lost to so many.
confusedaboutlove one of the things that I wonder about is how much have I wasted my time. sometimes there is many of us that as romantic and hopeless as we are, no matter how much we try to spend time with our loved one, he takes you for granted. It's as if we didn't exist. what is love for you? what do you want from me? how much more should I put up with and give up for you? 050602
belly fire I still find myself shocked
to find that people are
living secret lives
right under our noses
carrying on with
smiles on their faces
and secret phone numbers
in their pockets

Lemon_Soda So long as everyone does not know everything there will be secrets... 050603
Syrope i found an old im conversation where you told me you thought of me all the time. especially when we were apart, like if one of us was at work or home on break.

at some point i became forgettable.
what's it to you?
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