Nathan88 you not the great white hype
you not anyones type
im the motherfucker that will bring you down
aint got no more time to clown
tryin to be a player
feel the wrath of the slayer
you dont have a prayer
when i come rollin up
everyone sweats and ducks
flowin with everything i gotz
bring your ho's and your glocks
but stay the fuck of my block
im out
good people that was fucking lame. 021229
Nathan88 yeah it was hahaha but honestly i dont give a flying fuck...before you try and insult me you should look into getting my opinion first...maybe that would help? or maybe you would just be too ignorant to even listen...either way you amount to nothing but a waste of space in my book...,have a nice day:) 030211
. "before you try and insult me you should get my opinion first"

explain the logic in that statement please.
megan arm over arm
over head
into water
kicking incessently
crawl away from reality, if only in this blissful moment
of dance
of movement
swimming is my release
Nathan88 god my blathe sucked im sorry for blathing first ont he page i started freestyler 030511
joda. No, Nathan88.

You stated this page. If others don't like it, they can fuck off and start their own.

Also, I don't see any one else here facing you down with their dope-rhymin.

Don't apologize for that, even if it is a sucky rap.
Borgus maximus yoyo, this is the freestyle page so word it out yo! 031117
Borgus Maximus yo yo word up, it dont matter if u suck or not, all that matters are if ya joints are hot,
yo i hit yo spot, flying high to mars fucked on pot, yo yo bitch this shit aint over, do you see this rap stop
ima make you eat my lyrical shit till you drop, my lyrics fly out and it doesnt matter what i say, this is freestyle bitch if u dont like it, its cuz ur gay, what can i say, ill chop ur fuckin head off unless u prayed, c'mon sombody battle me if u think my shit is wak and over played
p.s say shit about me ill get u gun sprayed

nam seeeeeeen

Etreme Ganja Smoker@ England!
Borgus Maximus yoyo all i see in this page is undoubted denial, dumbass mutha fuckas who'll never learn the art of freestyle, yo this shit could take you a while, u'll never have a stlye like mine as vile, my lyrical processor is longer than a mile, i got u counting kitchen tiles, looking through computer files, tidying everything into neat piles, for no reason ull pick up ur phone and begin to dial, u think ur trippin out cuz everyone in ur phone book is kyle, and now ur pukein up bile, ay yo i know thats a pretty lame freestyle ay yo i just wanted to show u how easy it can be, light that shit up listen to snoop dawg its off the shhhizzzey, and now freestyle is as easy as 1 2 3, so come up and battle me!

Etreme Ganja Smoker@ England!
red-eye -you dont know no freestyle shit
-take a hit of what im smokin,
you cant handle it bitch.
-thats it, this shit is ripped. i rip your top and stab you in the ribs,
-just for kicks, i find funny although i find it hard to admit
-that my shit is soo sick, you went to copy me and ended up bitin your lips!
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