insolence ive got a little machine,
you might like it,
if you like me,
then you're like me....

In my head i can still shape the winds to blow my way...

When she backs away, sees me from far away, how could she come back?

and if she did, she wouldn't find much: a pile of mush where there used to be a person...
Lyle McMahon decoy sex toy
anti time soy
we will use knives instead of guns
and fall asleep under foreign suns
in the arms of a maniac
in the arms of love

I have seen you
and have seen myself
but i have yet to be myself
or even yourself

no matter how fast you move your legs
we will never move for you
you need a more healthy imagination
a violent interpretation

and i have yet to see myself

tell me if you like my words
uhane kuokoa Itís a long brush-stroke
across your painted forehead

a chamois of my memory,
a pyro of my mindís eye

Hope hits hard, and
Naivety remains the ammunition
Despite many a past lesson learned

My broken wing stands
for the falling idol
that is You
Yet still I fly, and dive deep
Into waves of black tea
That are the Music to my migraine,
Pounding indifferences
of headache and heartache
Torn down, worn out

Relapse was yesterday.

Try to wipe away
The aftertaste of artificiality
thatís left to steep in my mind.
You are but a breath, a soft caress
of my bottom lip Service to my indiscretion
Selling yourself for the ballod,
same as all the rest

Barred by an indiscernible light
Bound by an imaginary bond
Who knew that Youíre drinking character and

Cracks in the pavement
Streaks across the cold skytrain floor
Itís all just graffiti on the Wall
Paper snowflakes in the window and
Barbed wire on the fence outside

Tears fall wet onto my plastered arm
I disprove the unbreakable

Bend my broken wing and fly
To the leeks in the teacup
Soft acoustic guitar case
on Granville Street
Itís the endless pursuit of the unattainable

I need an inspiration
mon enjoyed this 040124
uoy . 040124
thieums [Generic horror science-fiction movie script, scene #43]
RedShirt #1: strange, the place is unguarded. Oh, isn't this a shiny artifact I see here on that altar? Let us both get out of our landspeeder and examine it for a long time while not noticing anything happening in our surroundings.
RedShirt #2: hey look, there's a cryptic text on it. Let us spend a lot of time trying to figure out what is written on it.
RedShirt #1: I think I know that language... It's written... Hmm... It's written "there is a man behind you"?
Man behind RedShirts: All your base are belong to us.
[Man clubs the redshirts with a large club, and leaves with the landspeeder]
In_Bloom I'm cashing you in now
Be my shield
Deflect the gazes from my heart
In_Bloom You say you see something going on
You say you're happy for me
Your face says you mean it
Now's your chance to step up
For me
For him
We're all going up
what's it to you?
who go