yoink i think she rubs it in.
just one try? nope.
i think she rubs it in.
i have to tell you something. ha.
i think she rubs it in.
false hopes for the week?
i think she rubs it in.
see you in school.
i think she rubs it in.
maybe they'll pass by

i think she rubs it in.
burden ow. 010509
yoink De er en fryktelig person av og til. De skader mine følelser. Tenk på hva De sier før De sier det. Om De gjør ikkeDe lett kunne kunne forårsake problemer i mitt liv. Dra foranforsøk å å oversette dette. Det bare skal skal bli messed opp og forvirrer De selv mere. Jeg elsker Demen det å å elske aldri vil bli vil bli returnertderfor I skal akkurat lukker min munn her. Behag ikke noensinne tenker på dette igjenfordi I ikke liker De som det mer. Det er umulig for meg å å forklare. Jeg akkurat ønsker at De ville ville lage ut med meg for en gangs skyld. 010519
yoink y'all r wierd 010520
yoink i'm talking to myself 010520
yoink hi 010520
yoink is talking to tim the toolman taylor himself, as we speak 010520
yoink_on_drugs can i hold your hand just once?

just once?

give me 5 minutes of your time, and i'll give you eternity.

the week of graduates could prove to be a horror or a dream.

i won't remember it anyway.
yoink she said "go slower. it's better that way."

i know that isn't what she meant, but still. those are beautiful words from a beautiful person.

i can now build my fantasy for the evening
m_e do you know how difficult it is to hear somehting like that? somehow it makes me feel worse about myself. 010521
m_e 'i mydlsxeci 010521
redneckk come on baby, let's us go boink in my chevy 010521
yoink at the top of these steps
i look to the next flight
and think

how has she shaped me?
what has she done to mold me?

she has only made me better.
beauty rubs off, you know.

even when i complain, or whine
or moan, or gripe, or fall in love.

she is there, making me laugh,making me giggle, making me see things from a different perspective.

for this, i thank her, and will always remember

and love her.
forever. another page in my mind.
i think i'll bookmark it.

she can touch my arm and ask me whenever she wants

she just called.

i think i'll talk to her.

yoink if i can't see her between now and 8 tomorrow, what do i do?

a bone saw, some cyanide...
neither could relieve me from the pain i'll experience at 8:00:01.

i can't believe it's actually happening. to us. to me. to everything.

i won't be able to drive in that neighborhood again.

this is so cold, so damp

and it's all happening way too fast
redneckk this fucking sucks my shit. 010618
m_e sb - i think of you often and will call soon. 010623
burden but what will you call him? 010624
burden I didn't know you were friends with Scott Baker! 010624
m_e hey, scott baker is awesome. i have a picture of him without his shirt on from cross country regionals. 010624
redneckk i have a picture of him without pants on and riding a piece of midget shit 010624
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