deb the one i spent my
highschool years with
the one i loved more deeply
more truely than i realized
the one i threw away
when he forgot to write
when he moved away
i wrote him off
closed my eyes and he was gone
but now i wish i knew
how he is

we were going to get married, you know..
me attacks. saved by the bell was the greatest show ever made. zack morris is the man. 010329
makemeamixtape where did you come from and why can't I get away. I never thought you were good
and now I need you in my veins.
unhinged where do i shouldn't be here. you should still be in high school. you are too socially inept to be in college. sure you have the talent to play with the big boys, but you need to fucking grow up already. i will not...let me repeat that...will not sit next to you in symphony and save your ass when you aren't paying attention because you are making goggly eyes at natalie when you should be listening to what the fuck mr. slocum is saying. i am not your babysitter. this is college. by now, your education should be a serious endeavor, not time to flirt with girls. because if you actually LISTEN to what mr. slocum says you can learn a lot. i know you want to be a soloist. i know orchestral playing means nothing to you. but it means something to me. it means quite a lot in fact. so, i don't want to have a stand partner that doesn't turn pages in time when that's his job. sorry doesn't cut it. just turn the fucking page. and i don't want a stand partner that distracts me by talking all the time. and i don't want a stand partner that when accused of doing something wrong points his finger at me and says 'that wasn't me that was her' this is college kid. we are supposed to be adults. i know you're young but if you wanna run with me you have to act like you are supposed to. i am not your superior i am your equal. in return, i expect courtesy and maturity. i left high school three years ago for good reason. i got all i could out of it socially and academically and i am now moved on to more serious things. if you can't grow up, don't expect me to treat you like you are my equal. i don't care how well you play the violin. musical studies in college should be serious fucking business. 010829
miderspunkey zack_de_la_rocha .......omg........ 011207
celestias shadow Oh christ, what to do? You are such a gorgeous boy, and I want you so badly. More than I've ever wanted anyone else. I think I'm over you, but that doesn't mean I"m not still attracted to you. It may take years. You're still an absolutely beautiful person, inside and out, and I love you. I hope I see you again soon. 031112
Nick Wasn't he the black power ranger? 040609
tiffany It's weird to think that I could have been so in love with you, and you fucked it up enough that I couldn't even stand to have coffee with you. Now, I just let you be who you are, and I won't expect anything more. 050219
haras_ed I miss you when there is no reason I should. I cant bring myself to move on. 060103
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