deb is it ever wise to
fall in love?
it seems more a flippant
as far as i can tell

oh, but,
is it fun :P
XMultiMindX love is a thing that will rip your apart
love is a thing that will rip your heart out, stomp on it, set it on fire and through salt on it

wisdom is an illusion, and illusion that can not be achieved by you, or me

we are fools you and me, wandering blind in the room of life, try not to walk into anything and break your kneck
SCOTT wisdom is truth
and the poet/creator in all of us
seeks it-desperately

wisdom is the now
not the then or future now

the now of being is wisdom
and joy-freedom
sweet and frightening
tourist If you sit quietly, listen and learn enough to ask the sensible question,
Others will assume you are Wise.
Given enough time, this path will prove out their assumption. The only real trick is to never belive it yourself.
That is the best way to become a Fool.
monadh beyond our years
ignorant beyond our knowledge
kx21 Tell me what is the Most Wisest Entity we can ever find in U...

And I will tell you how wonder you are...
Aaron the fool is wise becuase he doesn't see it comming.. to be blind to it is an ignorant's bliss.. the fool is wise..

the wise man is a fool.. seen it all, been there done that, nothing left in life to experience.. he might as well wither away...

the learned fool is a teacher.. a scholer among the blind..

the ignorent wise man is close minded... he hears no one's thoughts but his own

if this makes the wise man deaf, and the fool wise... who is left in the vally of the blind? the teacher.. who makes wise men out of fools, becuase you have to teach to learn..

the wise man is still learning, and the fool is ignorent... be a student.. that's yer safest bet.
sabbie when i grow up, thats what im gunna be.

and everything is going to be smooooooth sailing, and im not even going to need a boat lisence.
scifininja you think its wisdom one day. but what about tomorrow? 030720
sneezing knowing things most other people don't, really... 031207
Moi Is wise an underestimated thing? no? Do you know the answer? I don't. But, really, I don't want to know.
Please don't tell me, please don't unraffle the mystery or maybe


me the wise man is the one who has the most dilemmas

god, this sucks so bad right now. i wish i didn't find out about life...or i wish i didn't know whata i know about life right now.

but it was just so rewarding, all of it...

in three months i learned more about myself and the world than i did in the last 18 years.

the wise man has the most dilemmas
Syrope i called you. finally, after all those times of saying i would. you didn't sound thrilled to hear from me. more confused than anything. i don't know why our family has such trouble showing affection.

then the procedure was rescheduled. does this mean i have to call again? i don't know if i can take the awkwardness a second time. just be ok and we won't have any issues.
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