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longlasting it's ground
god tweren't me, dear amy. 010517
redspark every one on blather is getting all shakspearian, i think its pretty funny, very poetic 010518
nick My Dearest whoever you are,
We've never met, but I am working so hard with no end in site just to be ready when I meet you. You are my sun and my moon and my starlight. Whenever we're together I feel safe and loved and content in the knowledge that I make a difference in your life. You are the calm on the stormy seas of life.
I love you so much it hurts, and every second until our first meeting is eight o'clock on Monday after a bad weekend with four insomniac frat brothers and a gallon of tequila. Your life is HARD, and you can't keep on like this forever. I'm coming to help you by being the best man I know how to be. Maybe you think I'm crazy, or maybe you think I'm just cute, but I'm serious about love, and so are you.
We've been hurt before, but we're not afraid of each other... only of ourselves. Never settle! Never give up! I'd rather die alone then spend another night in a loveless bed. I know you feel the same way, and that's why you're the one.
No more ownership; we work together toward goals that define our purpose. No more privleges; every adult has to make their own rules and live by them. No more compromises; your leadership, patience, good judgement and humility ensure that every course of action we take is for everyone's benefit. No more cowardice; we never do the wrong thing because it's easy.
We have honesty because we'd rather die than live in shame. We have consciousness because we choose planning for tommorow, learning from yesterday, and living for today. We have beauty because as long as long as we're alive we must express the joy of existance in such a perfect world where two people can be happy for the singularity in time which is our lives. We have children, whether or not we have to adopt, because the notion of a world too painful is for quitters, slackers, and sorrow filled twenty somethings who have no .
My greatest achievement is the greatest day of my life... it's probably today, maybe tomorrow too. The better it gets the more I want to share it with you, but I won't get ahead of myself...
This is my life. This is my quest. I am invincible. I'll die happy or I'll die trying.

love always,
emily you sound wonderful nick 040210
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