Becky Feel free, lie to me. I'll probably believe every word you say. I'm gullable and naive. I'm young... too young for my own good. Maybe I need to grwo up a little. 011121
Norm Gullable and naive are my two favourite personality traits in a girl. 011121
Norm Fuck I'm a bastard. 011121
Becky lol Norm. I suppose for certain puposes they would be a good quality. 011126
whoknows shit! wish i had said that a loooong time ago 011126
ClairE That is me. Except I WAS tired, because I don't accept lies anymore.

This gets me in trouble with some.
ilovepatsajak there is a pretty girl
on the
of the magazine
all i see
is my dirty
turning the page
little breasts attached to
skinny ribs and hungry bellies
determined legs;
persuasive swing
careful hands
she stands
a greater threat to herself
then the cigarette
she consumes
ilovepatsajak than* 011218
Ptolemy DCLVIII You'll tire of living on truths, all the same. 061214
. rock_on 061215
burgone i've replaced my former relaxation time with work to make up for the loss of the partner in that relaxation time. i'm sick of work and want to go back to the suburbs and rest in the shade with her again. but that's impossible and unseemly. 061216
the awful truth walking through the library aisles
i saw a dictionary of lies
well in this book i found "love" and "truth"
defined as masks for what you feel is really you

the liar hides behind the wall of hope or faith
and waits
and waits and waits and waits
P the D Such disdain for Hope and Faith sound like the words of someone dominated by Presence and Proof. 061217
One wonders. Or perhaps someone whose hopes have languished, and faiths fallen into disrepair...? 061217
P the D Wait! You are just saying that is where some liars hide? You aren't disparaging faith and hope, in general? You are simply observing the brigand's lair? 061217
Floptolemy Gah! Confound it. I can no longer understand anything whatsoever. Apparently I am missing the organ responsible for comprehension. I must have removed it, or forgotten to bring it with. Drats. Bitter_dregs! 061217
e_o_i tells the truth (I think) But there you have a good excuse! If someone accuses you of lying, just tell him/her that you didn't know what you were talking about in the first place.
Actually, disregard the above: I have tried it, and it doesn't work. But all my lies seem to be pathetically little: I was busy this weekend, so I didn't have time... Of course I understand... No, it doesn't bother me... etc etc etc.
Sometimes it's better just to say nothing.
starboy it doesn't matter in the least. a life might as well be a lie, as long as you tell the story well 061217
Lemon_Soda No lies. Just ignorance. 061218
rage yay i said when i saw he was back

but maybe you were here all along
what's it to you?
who go