sheryl every Friday night at 8 o'clock.

my favorite show.
I can't remember too much of it now except the blue and red spinning circles that was the logo of the production company at the begining and at the end.

I have a poster.

hung in my room when I was small. in a metal frame. the glass to the frame has since shattered, and the poster is no longer hung, but sits in the corner adjacent to my door. folks wanted to throw it out when I moved out, but I insisted they keep it since I have spent a good portion of my life staring at it.

I also have a clock
a round plastic blue bordered clock
with Miss Piggy and Kermit. The numbers are green. Still works, though it has a crack in the plastic.

anyway, when I was little my mom sent me running up the stairs and into the hall closet to bring her an extra towel to dry the dishes with. I got the towel and I was just about down the stairs when my dad called out to me. I froze, and he asked me to come into my room. and he told me the Muppet Show will be on soon. I was excited and i said I know. and he asked me to tell him what time it was. and he pointed at that clock. and the time was, and I'll never forget it, the time was 7:30. but on the clock Kermit's finger touches the 7. and since the numbers are green and so is his finger, I couldn't figure out that that was a 7 because it had these extended lines. and my father was screaming and screaming and screaming at me and calling me all sorts of names cause I couldn't figure out that it was a 7, and I just stood there on top of the edge of my bed clutching the dish towel my mother had requested, in my curly light pigtails (cause when I was little I used to be a blonde) so I could be tall enough to see the clock ,and just stared and cried and felt numb. he made me stand there while he yelled for a whole hour. like I was in boot camp or something. and all I wanted to do was watch the muppet show. eventually I figured out it was a 7, but I couldn't say, cause at that point I was too upset to say anything and I was afraid to guess it wrong

I did miss the muppet show cause it ends at 8:30. but by that time, tv was the last thing on my mind.

anyway I still have the clock. I will never throw it out.
Effingham Fish I'll always love the one with Ben Vereen and that excellent, excellent rendition of "Mr. Cellophane". He's so cool. 011030
KISA doesnt the muppet theme tune sound like that BN advert. Animal Rules!!! 060426
LS We were going to have Dr. Teeth play our wedding. 060426
oren I loved the_way Kermit would go bananas when he introduced a guest or skit. 060426
KISA i used to like gonzo coz e was such a loner. but miss piggy and kermits "relationship" was nice 060427
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