Seed Grow up already, will ya? 010321
nanny haven't most of us made it past this stage yet? 011215
sal no we havent. 021221
steph why do all grownups put labels on teens that they are all bad? sure some of them are bad and do drugs and stuff like that but what about the others? its like saying that all grownups are bad just because they are some that really are. you can't put labels on a group of people unless you know each and every individual person. teens have lots of hard things that they are going through so you shouldn't make them feel worse but just comfort them and listen to them. sometimes thats all someone needs someone to listen to them. no talking back but just listening and caring. 021221
niska oh really, steph? all adults?

I think this is the way it will be throughout the ages. When you're a teenager, no one can know your pain, your troubles, your confusion, your fear... your joy. no one understands you. the adults are all teen-haters...

The only absolution you have any right to assume about what adults feel towards teens, is the fact that they ALL remember being one. Then why, oh WHY, do they not understand, but instead prejudge you all?

if you're a really good teenager, and you're a model citizen and all that, i feel bad for you. you're wasting the most precious time of your life by being mature and responsible. there will be PLENTY of time for that - believe me. go and LIVE. we all know what being YOUNG was like, this is why we don't get what all the fuss is about, NOW. Our judgement comes from direct experience. You will see this in ten years, I promise you.

Maybe we become detached and move on - I don't know. We just don't care for the bullshit, that's all. That is not your fault as a teenager - it's your virtue.
lo you know whaty should be illegal? teenagers who look like they're in thier 20s. i talk to you and find you're still in hs or ahve just gotten out. wtf?
being a teenager was fun in retrospect..i didn't have to do shit. now i still don't do shit but i'm supposed to...that feeling of responsibility sucks.
a sweet girl oy, vey... 030606
nonlucid all those evil adults tell you it's just a phase, you'll get over it and go in the magic world or adult-ness... that it's just chemicals (called hormones, they say) messing with your mind - it's all chemistry

just like sports are applied physics and there's a science of love. Pheremones, bullshit. I refuse to believe that the difference between sobbing and being perfectly happy two minutes later is merely an imbalance of chemicals. I don't care if it's true - my irrationality chemicals won't believe it
eggory the word 'teenager' isn't hyphenated because it's not just a way to describe an individual. it's a kind of person 050715
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