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unhinged excerpts from 'the life of milarepa' translated from the tibetan by lobsang p. lhalungpa

'my master(marpa) swore by the yidam that his teachings were not false and his instructions not incomplete. having taken this oath, marpa sang:

i prostrate myself before you who are full of compassion, and i pray.
contemplating the lives of masters, one sees that
even a desire for more instruction is a distraction.
keep the essence of the teaching safe in your heart.

too many explanations without the essence
is like many trees without fruit.
though they are all knowledge, they are not ultimate truth.
to know them all is not the knowing of truth.

too much elucidation brings no spiritual benefit.
that which benefits the heart is our sacred treasure.
if you wish to be rich, concentrate on this.

the dharma is the skillful means for overcoming mental defilement.
if you wish to be secure, concentrate on it.

a mind that is free from attatchment is the Master of Contentment.
if you want a good master, concentrate on this.
the worldly life causes tears; abandon laziness.
a rocky cave in the wilderness was the home of your spiritual Father.
a deserted and solitary place is a divine abode.

mind riding upon mind is a tireless horse.
your own body is a sanctuary and celestial mansion.
undistracted meditation and action is the best of all medecines.
to you who have the true aim of enlightenment
i have given instruction without concealment.

myself, my instruction, and yourself,
the three are placed in your hand, my son.
may they prosper as leaves, branches, and fruit,
without rotting, scattering, or withering.'

'the lama said to her, 'dakmema, why do you weep? because mila has obtained the instructions of the oral tradition from his lama and because he is going to meditate in the barren mountains? is that any reason for tears? a true cause for tears is the thought that all sentient beings who are potential Buddhas are still not aware of it and die in misery; and what is especially a cause for tears is the thought that once they have reached the human condition, they still die without the dharma. if it is for this you cry, you should cry unceasingly.'

'thus i prayed and the lama answered, 'my son, it shall be so. keep in your memory the last words coming from your old father's heart. do not forget them.'

then, having placed his hand on my head, he sang this song: the beloved field and house of your homeland
is the guru of ephemeral illusion.

in the wilderness cave
you have an open market where you can barter samsare for nirvana.

in the monastery of your heart and body
you have a temple where all buddhas unite.

from the offerings of fresh food
you will make nectar pleasing to the dakinis.

by harnessing the vital centers of energy
you will harvest precious fruit.

in your village where people have little love for you
you will practice virtue without distraction.

in strict seclusion, without man or dog,
you will have the torch to quickly see the signs.

in the freedom of obtaining food without begging
is the heavenly blessing of a peaceful heart.

in the crystal palace of the gods
you will be witness to your own victory.

in practicing the supreme dharma whole-heartedly
you will achieve the pure spiritual bond.

to help you carry out my instructions
you will have the treasure of enlightenment.

in the sacred teachings which are the lving heart of the dakinis
you will find the frontier between samsara and nirvana.

for the disciples of marpa the translator
there will be many avenues of renown.

through the persevering heart of milarepa
there will stand the pillar of the buddha's teaching.
may he who guards the pillar of the dharma
be blessed with noble lineage....'

'may we meet again in the pure land of the buddha
as friends reunited'
unhinged (there is so much universal wisdom sprinkled among the buddhist doctrines. and the poetry even in translation has a simplicity to it that made it beautiful.) 060413
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