mcdougall i am going snowboarding tomorrow. i can't wait. i have never been before. i hope its fun. i hope i dont die. 020118
farmfish loves to ride you'll for sure be sore, you won't die at least. take a lesson if you can, it's worth more than gold. where are you going? 020118
cube We're pretty sure you won't die and there's a 94.7% chance you won't end up a quadriplegic either.

Have a great day :-)
ClairE My brother just came back from snowboarding for the first time.

"I fell on my butt a lot," he grinned.
"Well, I could have told you that," I retorted, but rewarded him with another smile.

He hasn't been good_natured for years. I hope this is something he sticks with.
Mahayana dandruff on a nose
craZy out-ta control

[look for it][[olympics]][[2002]]
[location: corner of Wisconsin & water]
[time: when the shadow reaches half past the stick mark]
[date: when the ice freezes your tongue 2 your chin]

you dont know till you try it
craZy outta control
dandruff on a nose

'head & shoulders' the [[olympics]][[2002]]official sponser
mcdougall i'm back, and im not dead.
i had so much fun. i went to snowshoe, in west virgina. i didnt take a lesson but before i left i read alot about it so i could try and figure it out before i got there. it actually worked and i didn't fall down quite as much as my fellow biginner buddies. i am extreamly sore. all up both of my arms, my left butt cheek, and my legs. i cant wait to go again. i love snowboarding
James T. McRae [dont be a poser]
Snowboarding is life itself,
there is no need for explaination
you either understand it
or you dont
Buy RIDE, great tech, great team, great ride.
sic My friend LeVi asked my to go snowboarding with him last winter. I told him no on the account of my wrist being badly sprained and not wanting injure it further. Doctors orders. He called my a "choad", and offered this little bit of advice. "Just fall on your elbow,"....sounds simple enough dont ya think? 3 hours later, the x-rays revealed that he had broken his wrist....define irony! 020919
the godfather i went today! finally..ive wanted to go for so long..i had so much fun even though i totally sucked, ha - i seriously need to learn how to stop, cause im gonna be so frikin sore tomorrow..anyway, yeah - it was awesome...pity i have shit gloves though, my hands got seriously frozen, and havnt defrosted yet...ha, i cant even type normaly...but it was worth it =) 030117
ever dumbening sticker i saw on a pair of telemark skis:

If it were easy, it would be called snowboarding.
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