silentbob my experience has been ride a few feet, step off. no pain. tonight, i traveled a few feet and began to turn. it felt free. a split second later, i was on the ground, my elbow scraped, the board shooting out from under me and hitting the curb. a small part of me enjoyed it because a large part of skateboarding is to do stuff and get "gnarly scabs" but an even bigger part of that screamed "FUCK" really loud in the middle of town at 2 in the morning. 020516
Phil similar time of day, big hill, skateboard, keys in pocket, phil's pocket. Forward acceleration began for the forth tome that night. New hill. Noone watching, high velocity entering long curve downhill, loose berrings, stomach swells, face pummels into road, roll, roll, roll, roll. Numbness, especially at the spot where blood was coming out of my leg.
Ooch! immense pain. Talking to self, hopping, skateboard in hand, yelling at passerbys, swearing random into early morning. Go home, got numb dead skin, various entry points, not too bad, not so bad. Cleaning really knocked the wind out of me, so cool scar, looks like I was shot by G.I. Joe shotgun in my upper right leg.
Another time I set by bike down, but got a scrape all the way down my leg from a clip holding the break line. Big gnarly looking scar running all the way down my leg.
Downhill on bike, front breaks out, flip bike, handle bar in face, head in pavement, scrape over the curb, walk around like frankenstein for a couple of minutes, then have some episode and slip into a coma. No scars.
Which proves...scars don't tell the story, people do.
~gez~ i have at least 10 scars on my legs. i bruised my cocyx and have a cut on my elbow which never seems to heal. dont skate, it kills you. and im only 15 020826
white_wave_says he wuz a sk8tr boi 040306
adam 4 legged ground human adam patrick beck "yeah, i skateboard bitch, so give me sex and money" Age:18 Sex: of coarse Money: no (but you can give me some, BITCH!) IF YOU SEE ME, GIVE ME MONEY, IF YOU ARE A GOOD LOOKING GIRL, YOU WILL WANT ME SO I MIGHT GIVE YOU SEX.(BUT YOU HAVE FIND ME) (testical) 040402
reptile808 that's so true(funny)
i don't care if skating kills
my instinct tells me i will be just fine

i'll go by that
even if they found ya they would have to catch you---that is just too hard
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